Alena and Sam

Alena's Proposal in Mount Bonnell in Austin, Texas

How We Met

Sam and I were coworkers with an unspoken crush. We were on the same team and had been friends for a few months before we realized what we shared. Our first date was at a beer garden in New York with live music. At that moment, I knew he was the one!

Where to Propose in Mount Bonnell in Austin, Texas

How They Asked

Sam and I previously helped model for a young photographer in Austin. In January, she had reached out sending me a casting call she posted on Instagram, asking if we would again be available to model. I asked Sam if he’d want to, and he said, “let’s do it”.

The week of the shoot, I asked her where she wanted to go. She said one of our favorite peaks in Austin, Mount Bonnell. We spend weekend mornings there often.

When we climbed to the top, she took a few test shots before positioning me in front of Sam for a “profile shot”. Next thing I know, the camera is clicking and Sam said my name to get me to turn around. As I finally realized what was happening, I turned to see him down on one knee. I. SAID.YES.

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It turns out he planned this faux casting call and shoot all along so we could have this moment captured. I didn’t suspect a thing!

Special Thanks

Ann Mark
 | Photographer