Aleksandra and Strahil

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How We Met: Strahil and I met in the year 2010 on Facebook. At first he wanted to take me out for a drink, but I declined saying that I didn’t drink alcohol. He was reconsidering his offer and exchanging the alcohol for coffee but it was still of no interest to me, at that point in my live I wasn’t drinking coffee as well. As patient as he was he gave his next try, he invited me to a pizza. The thing was his friend at that time was a big-time TV-chef and had a pizza bar that was and still is famous in Skopje, Macedonia. This offer made me anxious. I wanted to meet the chef and also to see what kind of a gay is Strahil. The evening went well, but at that point I wasn’t considering anything serious.
After that night we stayed in a friendly relation, but we capt it that way with the help of my dear friend. She helped us by continuing our friendship, by taking us to coffee shops, simply by posting what’s new with him or me, updating us for every event that we might be able to be together. The truth is, he was the mastermind of the whole operation, and he was the patient one, anticipating every move, waiting for the opportunity to give his best at the precise moment. That lasted two years but He believed that I was the one. After that one Date – we became boyfriend and girlfriend. Everything was more beautiful than I imagined . He was always there for me in happy and sad moments, holding my hand spending every moment together, he is the perfect boy for me.

how they asked: I come from the small but beautiful country of Macedonia. In the capital I have graduated on the faculty of German language and literature. Between the semesters I have had the chance to visit Germany, to improve the language and to work for the summer. When I was staying in Bonn one summer I visited the castle Drahenburg , the castle is like from a fairyitail. Its structure , design, gardens made me speechless. That became my favorite castle. After graduating, I wanted to forefeel my dream and to become a pharmacist. For that purpose I the fall of 2014 went in Bonn and started a new goal in my live, the new beginning, the live of a pharmacy student. My dream started to came true, every day I was more and more interested in the field of pharmacy. The only thing was missing was my boyfriend, he was far away from here, from me. But a few months away and there he was again, on a vacation, here in Bonn, finally together. We planned to visit a lot of places, one of them was none other than the castle Drahenburg. On the Saturday 07.02.2015 we went up to the hill, where there a man can see the beautiful river Rhine, and there was also the castle Drahenburg, the most beautiful of them all, my dream castle. We had walked inside, upstairs in the music room, the resting room, the billiard room, kitchen, dinning room, we’ve seen it all. Then he asked me, do you wanna take some pictures in the gardens? I said: that would be great. At that moment there were other tourists, observing the beauty of the castle. He wanted to ask one man to take photos from us, and I said : I will do it, but he was certain that he can ask it properly . So we both asked the man, I wanted one photo, Strahil said maybe you can take a few, and he agreed . As I was standing, imagining the perfect photo, Strahil had his time to figure out what he was planning all 6 mounts. He kneeled before me, put out the ring, and as surprised I was so was our new friend the photograph. He started taking photos, and then he asked me, do you wanna spend the rest of our lives together? Without thinking , my heart new what I wanted, it said YES! At that moment the tears of happiness were pouring out of my eyes, but so was our photograph, he was also crying, he said that Is beautiful.
We are now engaged and planning our wedding.

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