Aleksandra and Chad

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How We Met

Over 14 years ago I was introduced to a gorgeous young woman at the Weber Grill where I worked. She immediately caught my eye and attention with her declarations and opinions. I couldn’t get enough time with her, but the time we did have together was special. At that time she was not mine to pursue and life got in the way. Over the years, we kept in very light contact with just an occasional message to each other but I never could forget her. We both travelled extensively, met many people and had adventures that made a simple reunion unlikely for two people whom met each other such a long time ago. Last Spring that all changed. I found myself in Chicago a month earlier than I needed to be to set up my seasonal business. After some reflection, it became clear that it was time to tell this woman how I felt about her. It was silly. Fourteen years had gone by and I couldn’t forget her, I needed to change that. This time the message to her included a desire to talk. We met the next day in a casual and public setting and from the first minute I knew I wanted this woman to be my wife. To my great fortune, she felt the same. Rather than regret not pursuing her fourteen years ago, we choose to look to a long future together. This woman is of course is Aleksandra Matic!

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how they asked

He proposed on his birthday at “our spot”. Belmont Harbor, where we like to sit and look at Chicago’s incredible skyline on on lake walks. I had a full day of events and surprised planned for his birthday, and actually and accidentally ruined his first attempt! Luckily, he was able to talk me into second walk later that day. :)

Special Thanks

Marianos - Vernon Hills IL
 | florist (dana)
Allure Designs
 | pre-wedding spa day and hair/makeup