Aleks and Keith

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How We Met

We meet in 2003 while we were both working at Chase Bank in NYC. I was a 21-year-old teller, and he came in as a 24-year-old banker fresh out of playing minor league baseball in Canada. I was super young and skeptical about dating anyone from work, but he was truly relentless. We had one of our first dates, calling out of work sick and going to Six Flags. He won us two huge stuffed animals! Eventually, people started to find out and I had to be transferred to a different branch since I was in a lower position. Cue our first fight LOL but we have lived happily ever after since. I moved on to be a teacher, and he’s still in banking.

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How They Asked

We are frequent travelers and have quite a wanderlust bug. Last summer, my cousin who lives in Greece asked me to be the godmother of her daughter. As this was the first baby in our generation, I was ecstatic. I told Keith, my fiancé, that we would finally be going to Greece. He acted like he was super nervous about meeting my extended family that lived in Crete. I assured him that it would be just fine. I suggested visiting Santorini, and Mykonos, before my native island of Crete. He agreed and we planned for a fun two weeks.

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While we were in Santorini, he told me he was going to plan out a fun date wine picking. Me being an inquisitive beast, I asked what it was called – I wanted to creep on their Instagram page. He wouldn’t give any details and said it would be a surprise. The problem was I spoke Greek and we were on a Greek island – he did not!

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Well, I ALMOST ruined the surprise many times. We finally get out of what I thought was a normal cab (it turns out he was a hired driver from the engagement company) to the “wine tasting” location. We go up this large hill, and I walk into what you’ll see in the pics. There wasn’t any wine after all 😂 but I did gain a fiancé!

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