Alejandra and Steve's Proposal in Bermuda

How We Met

On October 5th 2012, on my way to work, a really cute, tall, dark hair, blue eyed guy came up to me and introduced himself. As I was walking out of Penn Station with my headphones on, he jumped out of nowhere and loudly said “Hi, I’m Steve! You’re on my train every morning, so figured I’d say hello.” Between all the chaos of NY, and just getting off an hour train ride, (not to mention, I had a company party the night before), I wasn’t really interested in having a conversation, so I simply just said hello and kept it moving. However, he followed it with “I get on 2 stops before you, so I always see you get on at your stop.” I was like, “oh okay, see you later”, (I thought to myself, #creeper) and we went our separate ways. When I got to work, I mentioned to one of my best friends that some random guy just introduced himself and told her what he had said. I said, “he was really cute, but do you think he’s going to kill me or something?!” She laughed saying she highly doubts it, but to just be careful anyway. I had never seen him before, but after that day, I saw him every single morning on the train.

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After a few more friendly encounters, he asked me for my number. I was a little hesitant, and asked if he had Facebook or Instagram instead. He looked at me crazy and said he had Facebook. We friended each other and started talking through messenger. I wanted to check his page out and make sure he was safe to be around. After a lot of Facebook stalking, I finally agreed to give him my number. Right after that, he asked me out to dinner and we had the best time ever. Fast forward 3 months later, we made it official.

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how they asked

While vacationing on a cruise to Bermuda, Steve convinced me to climb to the top of the rock cliffs overlooking Horseshoe Bay Beach; known as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Once we got up there and saw the view, we were in awe – it was breathtaking. He told me to stay up there while he went to grab his “selfie stick” so we could take pictures. I was so excited because it’s usually me who asks for pictures everywhere. I was little taken back though, because he hates the selfie stick, but the view was unbelievable so it made sense.When he got back up there, some friends and family were around taking pictures of the view, so I actually asked them to take a picture of us, instead of using the selfie stick first. As they were taking pictures of us, Steve said “before we continue, there’s something I have to ask you.” He started getting down on his knee and all I kept saying was “Oh my God what are you doing, oh my God WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!” I started instantly shaking.

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Turns out, when he went back to get the “selfie stick”, he also went to get the ring out of his backpack. I couldn’t have asked for a better proposal, it was perfect. So happy the most important day of my life was captured.

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