Alejandra and Kevin

How We Met

We met on Tinder in 2014! He lived in St. Louis, MO at the time and I lived in Chicago, IL. We matched and we have friends! We talked every day. After about a year and a half, we met in Iowa City, IA for our first date and took a trip to Ottawa, Ontario together! At that point, Kevin lived in Des Moines, IA and we visited each other all the time. We decided to turn our friendship into the relationship it already was. After I graduated school, I moved to Des Moines, IA and we lived there together for a couple of years. In February 2019, we moved to Chicago, IL for family reasons. In June 2019, he proposed on a sunrise walk by Lake Michigan near the Planetarium!

How They Asked

I had wanted to watch the sunrise over Lake Michigan for years! Since we were busy later on in the morning on this day, Kev suggested we go watch the sunrise together. I thought we were going to watch the sunrise and then head home. Kev asked me to dress a little nicer so that we could have a breakfast date afterward and then run our errands. I said yes so that Saturday morning he dressed a little more nicely and I wore a very pretty dress that I hadn’t worn yet. As we walked along the lake, he kept pushing me to a more secluded area.

Where to Propose in Chicago - Lake Michigan Lakefront

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Chicago - Lake Michigan Lakefront

He was nervous and texting a lot, which I found strange for 5:15 in the morning. As the sun was coming up, he hugged me and told me he loved me, and that he had a question to ask. He got down on one knee and took the ring out of his shirt pocket. I cried, and couldn’t even say yes. I just nodded and he put the ring on my finger. As I looked up, I saw my friend hiding in the bushes and taking pictures!