Alejandra and David

How We Met

David and I met in 2010 while working at a summer job. The first time we spoke to each other I actually blew him off lol. We were both standing, looking at the schedule and he pointed out the fact we had the same last name, I remember being in a rush and looking at him saying, ” Oh okay” and walked away lol. We did not speak to each other for a few weeks after that, until our manager kept scheduling us in the same booth (later to find out it was because David kept requesting to put us together to work). Once we started working together we just clicked and had so much fun together. When the summer ended in 2010 we became busy with work and lost contact with each other until the following summer in 2011. We came together once again to celebrate a friends birthday and since that moment we have been inseparable). I’m a strong believer in what’s meant to be will always be.


How They Asked

David proposed to me on September 9, 2017. He had planned the day for us to go wine tasting in Temecula and to have dinner later in Coronado. We had such a great time wine tasting and I even had the thought pop in my head “What if he proposes,” but he didn’t give any signs so I brushed it off. Later that night while we were eating at this very beautiful restaurant over looking the water , I noticed David’s demeanor change. He was anxious, shaking his legs, kept looking down at his phone and couldn’t even eat. After dinner he wanted to go walk for a bit and to be honest my feet were killing me so I wasn’t too thrilled about walking in pain lol. We walked for a bit until he told me he wanted to take a picture of me overlooking the water, when he told me he had taken the picture I turned around and there he was on one knee asking me to marry him. I was in total shock and filled with so much emotions that I began to cry. I was on cloud 9, there’s no words to express how I felt. Our Close friends and my brother and sister in law were there to capture the moment and I am forever grateful for that. David had also organized for both our families to meet at my house to celebrate with us which I did not know until we got to my house. They had decorated everything so beautifully and it meant a lot that he organized everything to make this a special moment for both of us. I am excited to spend the rest of my life with him.

Special Thanks

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