Aleisa and Brock

How We Met

Well, now a days it’s hard to meet people outside of work, the gym and the downtown night life. Long story short, our fairytale began with a simple “swipe right”. The rest was history!

how they asked

We had just competed in my first/his second Bodybuilding Competion in Miami, FL the day before. Both of us did extremely well taking home a total of 5 trophies. We were on an all time high! The next morning we woke up, got brunch and bounced around town stopping at donut shops, breweries and taking in all the beautiful murals The Wynwood District has to offer. I decided I wanted a cocktail and we found this cool rooftop bar as the sun was about to set. We sat down out on the patio sipping on our bourbon and tequila {#hisandhers} drinks. We had gotten lost in our own little world like we normally do, talking about our future when time stopped and I heard the words, “Will you marry me?”.

Me being me, I was like “Yesss, duhhh, of course, you know that!” Having no idea that it was THIS moment that he was proposing. We talked about our future and the plans we had all the time, so it didn’t click right then. With tears in his eyes, he pulled out a gorgeous ring and that’s when I realized this was really happening! “Oh my gosh, for real, right now, YESSSS!!!!” I couldn’t stop crying. It was our perfect moment. A moment I will never forget and continues to replay in my mind on a daily basis. I found my Prince Charming and I get to spend forever living this fairytale with him!

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