Aleigha and Nate

Where to Propose in Maine

How We Met

Nate and I met at a small private college (only nine hundred students!) in Maine. During our sophomore year, Nate approached a mutual friend and asked if I was transferring. Our friend, my best friends now fiancé, actually set us up! That winter break, while I was in New Hampshire, and he was in Maine, we messaged and spoke non-stop to get to know one another.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Maine

The day before school resumed, I drove four hours to go on our first date, which by the way he had meticulously planned for us. When we met, it was as if we had been friends our entire lives. We walked out to the middle of the ocean in 13-degree weather, and right there, had our first kiss. Since that moment, we have been inseparable, sharing everything. Nate always told me he knew that I was ‘the one’. As we began to plan for our senior year of college, a big move, new jobs, and lots of change, we didn’t know what the future would hold, aside from the fact that we wanted to be together.

Oh, and the dog was a gift from Nate (who is the best gift-giver). I have a dog back home named Calven, and I always wanted another pup so that I could name him ‘Hobbs’ (corny I know!). For my birthday one year, Nate got me this dog, named Hobbs, with his voice inside telling me ‘I have never loved you more, and will never love you less’ as he has told me throughout our relationship. Due to the fact that we desperately want a dog of our own, we thought this one would be fitting for our photos!

How They Asked

On January 15, which is our anniversary, Nate gave me a photo book that depicted all of our favorite moments, as an anniversary present. He has many times before, so I thought nothing of this. Until I reached the end… there was a photo of a ring and a caption that read “Aleigha will you marry me”. He proceeded to get down on one knee and recite these words, as the world around me seemed to stop (just like they say it does).