Aleigha and Micah

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How We Met

Micah and I have known each other since we were young. Our parents went to school together, we have always lived in the same area, and my childhood friend was in love with him while we were in elementary/middle school (I never could ever understand why, because i did not think he was cute). Also, Micah and all his buddies would always come to my family’s river house and swing off our rope swing. So, we have always known of each other, but I was never interested in him. Until, March 2009, I passed him in my car at McDonalds in Hueytown. For some strange reason, I got really excited and was waving at him like a crazy person (i think Cupid shot me with his arrow).

I immediately texted Micah’s cousin to get his number and then I texted Micah. We started texting and we hit it off instantly. We talked for about 2 months, but things didn’t work out and we went our separate ways. We both were in serious relationships, but we would still keep in touch with each other over the years. I had a feeling for Micah that I just could not shake. I thought about him a lot and wanted to date him, but our timing was just not right. In March 2012, i broke up with my boyfriend, and literally 2 days later Micah texted me asking if I was going to the beach for spring break. I had not talked to Micah in months and he told me that he had no idea that I had broken up with my boyfriend. So, we hung out at the beach in Panama City and we had a blast.

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From then on, things just got better and better. Clearly, everything worked out like it was suppose to because here we are 4 years later.

how they asked

On June 6, Micah’s sister, Jess, texted me and asked if I could model some clothes for her boutique. She told me she wanted to take pictures at Botanical Gardens for the Hoover Ad. I normally model for her clothing boutique, so i didn’t think anything of it.

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She told me that Caidie Johnson was going to take the pictures and that she only needs a few pictures, so it shouldn’t take long. Micah had already told me that he was working on a job that Saturday, till about 3:00pm, but he promised he would meet me for dinner. So Saturday came, Jess and Caidie picked me up from my house (neither one of them acted weird, but they knew what was happening the entire time) and we arrive at Botanical Gardens. Jess gets me to change into one outfit and we start walking to the area that Caidie suggest. We pass a sign that says “Will you marry me?” that has beautiful flowers beside it. Jess says, “Awww, look how cute. Someone is getting engaged today”.

I never thought anything was seriously about to happen to me, because she acted so normal and there was a couple in that area; so I thought maybe that was for them. So now, we start taking pictures and we’re walking away from the area where the sign is. Jess gets me to change into my favorite dress and Caidie takes more pictures. She starts positioning me in different spots, so at this point we are headed back around towards the area where we saw the sign. While i was taking pictures, I hear someone whistle at me. As I turn around, I see Micah standing there with the biggest grin on his face.

I literally was shocked and couldn’t believe what was about to happen. We hugged and he walked me over to the sign. He then said, “You’ve been my best friend for 4 years and I want you to be my best friend forever, so there is only one thing left to ask you, will you marry me?”

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Of course, I said yes and he put the most perfect ring on my finger.”

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