Aleia and David

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How We Met

Our parents had mutual acquaintances and thought we would be a perfect match. Funny enough the mutual acquaintances put our mothers in touch and they thought we should meet. I had no expectations and thought it would be an instant fail but went along with it anyway. David actual lived about 10 blocks from me and came over on a hot summer day to chat and say hello for a quick blind meet and greet. When I first saw how tall and handsome he was, I became shy and was intrigued that he was the opposite of what I was expecting. We chatted briefly and eventually exchanged numbers. Days later we both we texting and he asked me out on a formal date – which I admired. On our first date, we discovered that we both strangely love mint chocolate chip ice cream, and how laidback we both were. I caught a case of bad allergies towards the end of the date and he drove to the local CVS to buy about 5 boxes of tissues and tons of medicine – I instantly saw how sweet of a guy he was. We had our second and third date the same week and have been inseparable for five years!

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how they asked

I wanted to go somewhere far away from home. I originally wanted to visit the Mediterranean, but it was too cold and we settled on Thailand, with just about less than 3 months to plan. With my Type A personality I planned out the entire trips, our tours, and three cities to spend our two weeks in Thailand.

We settled in Bangkok and had two days down already. The day David proposed, I planned to walk around some of the tourist sites on our own. Instead early that morning David woke up me up to the news that he booked a tour with the hotel and spoke to the guide already – it was his participation planning something for the trip (haha). While we got dressed he kept asking me if I liked my outfit, my hair etc. I thought it was weird but he assured me it was because I was complaining about my hair the day before in pictures.

Because the day changed, David planned to meet the tour guide first and then we would walk around to the other nearby sites on our own. We went to have breakfast and met the “tour guide” at 3 pm at the Wat Benchamabophit (The Marble Temple). We entered the main area but was unsure about going into the temple, as the guide may not find out – so we stayed in the main area. It was about 3:30 pm and the tour guide still did not show up, David assured me he was texting him and he was running late. I started to get annoyed because our vacation time was being cut short and the other places we planned to visit would be closed. Finally, around 4 pm, I had enough and told David to forget and let’s wonder around the marble temple on our own. We got in the main area and David told me the guide was there with a blue shirt and white shorts. I scanned the place and saw no one with that description. I set up our tripod and started taking pictures with David. To add to my annoyance, I was back and forth adjusting the tripod to get the temple in the background.

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There was a pretty girl with a huge long lens and David suggested asking the girl to take our photo. I was so annoyed, I said NO -haha. Still back and forth and adjusting, I was going to the tripod once again, but this time David gently grabbed my wrist and when I looked back – he was down on one knee! And that girl with the long lens was taking out photos, as I learned it was a photographer he hired and there was no tour guide!!

Special Thanks

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