Aleeza and Adam

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Wollman Rink in Central Park

How We Met

It was love at first bite when Adam and I first met.

I knew my Prince Charming was out there but I honestly did not think I would find him on a dating app. I had been off of the dating apps for a while and I honestly thought I was too busy with work and life to date. However, as a special education teacher I knew with summer approaching I would have a lot more time and would have fewer excuses on why I shouldn’t just check it out. Being in the event business, Adam knew that summer was his slow season and he felt the same way about getting back into dating. Therefore, both of us joined JSwipe in June 2017 and matched on June 5, 2017. We immediately realized that we had a lot in common, specifically trying new places to eat and exploring new cuisines. After talking on the phone non-stop for two days, we met two days later for sushi.

From the moment Adam walked into the restaurant I felt like I had known him my whole life. We sat down to eat and Adam ordered a boat of sushi, as a surprise to both of us we barely ate and talked all night, until the restaurant told us they had to lock up. We decided to continue getting to know each other and move on to another location, at the end of the night I turned to Adam and asked him if he’d like to hang out again tomorrow night, I was not going to waste any time.

From the very beginning, we both knew that our relationship was something special. A month into dating on 4th of July, I met Adams family and he met some of my closest friends, a week later on my birthday he met my parents. Three months later, we decided that I would move in with him and from that point on, life just kept on getting better and better.

How They Asked

Adam and I were planning a trip to New York for both of our winter breaks from work. We decided that instead of getting each other Hanukkah gifts we would both plan a special date night for each other in the city. Adam’s night was going to be the second night of our trip, he told me he wanted to keep it a surprise and told me very little until that day. He said we were going to dinner and ice skating in central park, something neither of us had ever done before. After a delicious dinner and a long walk around the city, we made it to central park. Once we were on the ice, I realized just had long it had been since I had ice skated and tried numerous times to convince Adam that it would be more fun to drink hot chocolate and sit down.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Wollman Rink in Central Park

However, Adam was persistent that we continue to skate. After some slow and timid laps of ice skating around the rink, there was an announcement that everyone needed to get off, so they could clean the ice. At that point, Adam told me we should wait for everyone to get off first. He grabbed my hand and it was at that moment I realized it was just the two of us on the ice. The truth is as Adam got down on one knee, my heart began to race and everything became a blur.

To be honest, I am still unsure of all that was said, but as soon as I heard him ask the question, “Will you marry me,” all I could say is, “yes” repeatedly. We kissed and the crowd cheered! As we made our way off the ice Adam pointed at the crowd and told me to wave at Luis, his friend, and professional photographer who flew in from Miami to capture this moment for us.

Special Thanks

Louis Perez
 | Photographer