Aleesha and Johnny

How We Met

Johnny and I met after I moved to Colorado from Michigan last January to accept a job with Young Life, a non-profit we are both volunteers with. We met through a mutual friend. Johnny, at the time, was traveling for work back and forth between the D.C. area and Colorado Springs. When he was home, our first few (and still our favorite) dates were at a local diner to eat pie. We would stay for hours, talking about life and falling more and more in love.

Image 1 of Aleesha and Johnny

how they asked

10 months to our first date Johnny asked if I would like to go to the Broadmoor, a five-star hotel in Colorado Springs, to look at Christmas lights. He took me out to dinner and coffee beforehand as well. As we drove into the Broadmoor and parked under the twinkle lights, Johnny started to seem more anxious than he usually acts–but I was clueless! Johnny took me down a covered path that lead to a beautiful lake filled with reflections of tall trees with Christmas lights all around. He then started to profess his love, and his promises to take care of me and my heart for the rest of my life. Then and there, he got down on one knee and popped the question! After, he whispered in my ear he had another surprise. As I turned around, there stood all of our closest friends and family members, along with a photographer, to celebrate our engagement together. We went home to our pre-planned engagement party and continued celebrating our love with our dear friends. It was the most beautiful night, and I am so excited to love Johnny with my whole heart for my whole life!

Image 2 of Aleesha and Johnny

Image 3 of Aleesha and Johnny