Aleesah and Patrick

Image 1 of Aleesah and Patrick

How We Met

We met through mutual friends who are also engaged! I have known the bride for 8 years, and my fiancé has known the groom for 9 years.

How They Asked

Patrick and I were celebrating a small Thanksgiving with his parents, due to COVID-19 guidelines. We went out to their ranch in Dixon, CA and enjoyed dinner and catching up with them. After dinner Patrick went out to the outside fridge to get the desserts, and called my cell phone asking me to come help him carry them. I went outside and walked toward the garage, but to the right I saw an archway with flowers and twinkly lights. So I started to walk that way, to then see Patrick standing there with a beautiful vase of flowers, champagne in an ice bucket, and two glasses. We both started crying right away as he got down on one knee and pulled out the most stunning diamond ring! We got to share with each other what our relationship has meant, and we were both shaking as he put the ring on my hand. We quickly FaceTimed my family, who had been waiting all day to hear the news! We then got to go inside and share champagne and celebration with his parents too, before heading to mine the next day. It was the most perfect proposal by the most perfect man, and a memory we will treasure forever!