Aleen and Arman's Helicopter Proposal

IMG_2314How we met: Arman and Aleen met their church’s New Year’s party at a very young age.  Aleen was about 15 years old, and Arman was about 16.  Although he had initially given her butterflies, they did not begin to seriously date until she began her undergraduate degree at UCLA.  The long distance relationship made their love grow even stronger, and it was then that they realized that they were meant to be together and nothing was going to keep them apart.

how they asked: Arman had always known how he wanted to propose to Aleen.  With lots of planning and help from both families, his dreams became a reality.  With perfect weather, excellent acting, and diligent working, the day unfolded to be better than imagined.

On October 17th, 2013, while Aleen was at school, Arman, with his parents, prepared to ask for Aleen’s hand in marriage. Her parents thought this was a celebration for their anniversary, but little did they know what was really going on.  After shedding some very happy  tears, they of course gave their blessings!

Arman did a lot of research to determine what he needed to make his ideas become a reality.   He perfected a “Marry Me” sign which would be laid out on the beach, while he took Aleen on a helicopter ride, and that was how he was going to pop the question. While the family got the sign ready in Monterey, Arman picked Aleen up and told her that they were going whale watching.  She was clueless as to what was happening, and was anxiously waiting to see some whales.


But, once in the air,  Arman turned to Aleen started the question in a very serious, “Babe…,” and then the rest was pure magic! Aleen was literally on cloud 9 when she saw the huge “Marry Me” sign below on the beach, accompanied with cheering parents, siblings, and nieces! To top things off, as Arman asked Aleen to marry him, a beautiful rainbow appeared, and they flew right in the middle.  It was the perfect proposal!