Alecia and Wil

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How We Met

Wil and I both have 24/7/365 careers. Wil is a police officer for the city of Apple Valley and I am a Registered Nurse. Neither of our careers offer much opportunity or time to meet other people, at least not those you would want to date. We had both perfected the routine of go to work, come home, go to bed, and repeat. Neither of us are fans of the bar scene and friends weren’t providing any help at the time. So, we each decided to take matters into our own hands and in June 2015, we met through a social media app called Coffee Meets Bagel, very out of character for both of us! Yes, we met “online” and have absolutely no regrets. Two weeks after connecting, we had our first date, both excited to meet each other in person, but nervous because we both wanted everything. We were both also pretty anxious because each of us hate first dates! Thankfully, this was the last first date either of us would ever have and it was wonderful! Neither of us ran out of things to say, and after dinner, we decided they weren’t ready to say goodbye and continued our date at the movie theater. The rest, as they say, is history.

how they asked

Throughout our relationship, Wil and I have had several conversations about our future and what it will look like together, what each of us hopes for, where we can and can’t live, etc. So, I knew that we would be getting married someday. My best friend and now Maid of Honor had even drilled me on what styles of rings I liked so she would know exactly what to tell Wil when he inevitably came to her for advice. I was not, however, expecting to get engaged on October 20! Wil and I are big Wild hockey fans and we had made plans to go to the game that night as Wil had bought tickets through work for their first responder night. The plan for the evening was for Wil to pick me up from work at 5:30, go back to his apartment so I could quickly change into my Wild gear, and then we would walk to the light rail station, catch the train to downtown St. Paul, and walk to the arena in time for the national anthems. Can you see how strategically I had planned this out? Well, Wil did pick me up from work, I did very quickly change out of my scrubs and into my jersey, however that is where my plan stopped and Wil’s took over.

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I put my jersey on and Wil told me, “You look really good, but you’re missing something.” In the next 1-2 seconds that followed, a number of thoughts raced through my head from “I’m pretty sure I’m not forgetting anything” to “yeah, I still need my boots” to “what on earth are you talking about?” Wil tells me that if he could change anything about this proposal, he would have had someone take a picture of my face as he then got down on one knee and pulled my beautiful ring out of his pocket and asked me to marry him. I know my jaw dropped and my eyes were probably about the size of dinner plates. After staring at him like this for a solid 2 or 3 seconds, I brought my hands up to my face to cover by mouth. While my brain was rapidly trying to process my shock, my poor fiance was still patiently waiting (or panicking), still on one knee, still with the open ring box, wondering if I was going to answer any time soon. Once my brain and mouth remembered how to communicate with each other I told Wil that of course, I would marry him! After lots of hugs and a few tears from both of us, we drove over to the arena so we could start calling our families to share our exciting news and neither of us stopped smiling for the rest of the night, if not the rest of the week!

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