Alea and Tyler

How We Met

Tyler moved to my town and started going to school with me our freshman year in high school. We were on the same track team for two years but never had a conversation with one another. We had our first class together (AP Psychology) junior year. At the same time I was hired at Lil Caesars, which was the same place he worked. However, we did not get along. He would aggrivate me at work and in class and I tried to annoy him any way I could. He will admit himself that he was not a very nice person back then. The summer before our senior year, Tyler knew he needed to change. The first time he texted me, he apologized for anything he had ever done to upset me. In late October, out of the blue, he started to text me a lot. I never knew how similar our personalities were. As time passed, he became my best friend. There was nothing romantic about our relationship, then. We didn’t flirt or go on dates. We just talked all day long about anything and everything. I never had anyone in my life before him that I could talk to with such ease about anything I wanted to. He finally asked me out on a date, January 16th, 2015. Two days later we had a discussion about what kind of relationship we wanted, and became boyfriend and girlfriend. I never would have imagined that Tyler would become so important to me.

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how they asked

Tyler, my parents, and I were visiting my grandparents in Virginia for Christmas. The day after Christmas was a beautiful day; warm and sunny. Like any other time we visit, all of us decided to go on a walk. My dad suggested hiking up the hill behind my grandparents’ house; the view at the top was beautiful. All of us were up there, enjoying the sun and the view. My dad told me to go to the edge of the hill and hold out my arms so he could take a picture (it literally looks like you’re on top of the world when you’re up there). I did as he said. I walked to the point where the ground began to slant downward, and held my arms straight out. I stood there for a moment, and as I was about to turn around and ask if he had gotten the shot, behind me came a soft “hey.” I turned around to see Tyler on one knee holding out a box with a gorgeous ring inside. He asked, “Will you marry me?” with a smirk, (probably amused by the shock on my face). It was a complete surprise and definitely a moment I will never forget.

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