Ale and Jayton

How We Met

This love story dates back to February of 2012 in the middle of their freshman year, struggling their way through Biology 111. Though they were in different sections of the course, both had the same professor and would soon be introduced by a mutual friend at the Evans Library Annex (how romantic…). A group of them would meet every week to help each other out and study for biology exams. They all immediately clicked and became friends, but nothing more…

Honestly! Jayton was a ‘fish’ in the Fightin’ Texas Aggie Band with hardly any hair! Alexandra (Ale) was too busy swooning over another Corps boy in the study group! Haha!

Eventually, though, they became great friends. As they became sophomores, Ale and Jayton ran into each other around campus every now and then. Their paths never really crossed as Jayton was always busy with the Band, and Ale was heavily involved in Traditions Council and other student organizations. Every time they saw each other, though, they’d always say they needed to “hang out,” but busy schedules (and other insignificant others lol) just never would permit.

Come the summer in between sophomore and junior year, they started to make more of an effort. They texted each other to let the other know when they were going to Hurricane Harry’s, the best dance hall in town and would wait to meet each other on the dance floor. Ale would always play hard to get and make sure Jayton came to find her. And sure enough, Jayton would very slyly glide by and grab her hand, pulling her onto the dance floor and two-stepping for a dance or two. Jayton swears Ale was just too stubborn and always tried to lead… go figure?

Two-stepping at Harry’s would become a foundation of their friendship, and eventually, relationship…

Come the spring of 2014, Ale was at a wedding and posting pictures onto her “Snapchat Story.” Jayton caught eye of how “gorgeous” she looked that night and immediately began to send her flirty messages asking why she didn’t invite him as her date! (Yes, this is apparently how kids flirt these days…) That night was actually the beginning of Spring Break and Jayton would proceed to ask her what her plans were that week. Being from Brownsville, Ale was planning on driving home that next day and taking several of her college friends with her to go to South Padre Island and Arroyo City. Jayton proceeded to share that he had no plans and would be bored at home that week farming. Being the friendly and polite person that she was, Ale invited Jayton to join her group’s trip.

Not thinking that he would actually accept, within two days, Jayton and his best Aggie Band buddy, Tavo (Co-Best Man) arrived in South Padre two days later and the adventure began…

Though initially Ale and Jayton really were nothing more than acquaintances, there must have been something in the water down in Padre because the two were inseparable ever since!

Following that Spring Break of junior year, Ale and Jayton’s friendship grew into an even better friendship that would lead to so much more. Fast forward to around a month later, on April 11, 2014, which happened to be Ale’s Aggie Ring Day. Jayton was there to see Ale’s special Ring presentation, and just couldn’t help but stick around her and her family. Later that night was the spring Midnight Yell Practice for Parents’ Weekend and Jayton insisted Ale (and her friend, Taylor, one of her bridesmaids) join him with the Band (aka unofficial date). After having so much fun and then two-stepping yet again at Harry’s, Jayton couldn’t help but tell Ale he liked her and just had to ask her out on an official date. It was the most perfect weekend!

After just a month of dating and excitement leading up to “Final Review,” the day Jayton would officially be a senior in the Corps of Cadets and Fightin’ Texas Aggie Band, Ale got to meet Jayton’s immediate family and got the “thumbs up” from Jayton’s Dad and Nonnie and Papa Rainey. He couldn’t be happier! Later that evening, the two attended the “Senior Boot Dance.” She wore a beautiful yellow dress and he wore those shiny new senior boots. Ladies, you know what we’re referring to ;) #caughtem

The next day, before the two would part ways for the summer break, Ale decided she would surprise Jayton and cook him a fabulous meal. He was so surprised when he ran in the door thinking they were late for their dinner reservations in town. As the night progressed, Ale could tell Jayton was acting odd. Something was off and she didn’t know what was wrong. She thought maybe it was that she’s actually a terrible cook and could not make asparagus to save her life!

But finally, when Jayton couldn’t hide it anymore and had to tell her how he felt, he said,

Four years later, Ale and Jayton are happily engaged and in pursuit of the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony. The two have loved, smiled, laughed, cried, and endured more than many couples endure in a lifetime. It has never been perfect, but through perseverance, their faith, and desire to serve and love each other unconditionally, their friendship has grown into the promise to serve each other as [SOON-TO-BE] HUSBAND AND WIFE!

how they asked

Jayton: Since February, I had THE most perfect ring, designed specifically for Ale, in my hands and planning the proposal officially began. It drove me absolutely nuts hanging onto that ring for so long, I eventually had to ask Ale’s mom to take it and keep it in her safe in Brownsville so I wouldn’t stare at it every day and could resist the temptation to propose sooner. Ale deserved the best, so I knew I would give her the best, and it would be worth the wait.

I chose September 30th as the day for the proposal because the Fightin’ Texas Aggies were playing South Carolina, and it was a good excuse to have our families and friends in town without giving away the big secret I had been hiding from Ale. For months I had planned the entire day across multiple scenarios, depending on what time the game would be, and I contacted as many of our closest friends and relatives to ensure their presence at the proposal.

After finding out the game would be an evening game, I knew campus wouldn’t have many people earlier in the day before Ale was intended to go into work at The Association of Former Students. Ale’s boss and Vice President, Nic, was incredibly helpful by being willing to help with the plan and making sure Ale would be at work long before she was initially supposed to so that they could have “a meeting” before their reception.

The morning of the proposal was completely nerve-wracking for me, but I had to make sure that Ale didn’t anticipate any of what was to come that beautiful fall football Saturday. I had to remain perfectly calm and act like it was just another Saturday (which was extremely challenging because Ale knows me better than anyone, and the second I am not myself, she can tell). Ale had conveniently had a hair appointment scheduled that morning and even decided to buy a new game day dress. I could tell that she was anticipating what was going to happen that day, but I still had the element of surprise.

Once all of Ale’s errands were complete, she came home to finally get ready for the day. Of course she decided to take her time… Her mom helped me to get her out and off to work because my poor family, whom she did not know was in town, had been driving around the block patiently waiting for her to leave. As soon as she stepped out the door and was on her way to work, I quickly scrambled to put on my suit.

I had told everyone to be at the Haynes Ring Plaza in front of The Association by 2:00 p.m., but when Ale had left so late I knew that she would most likely see everyone there. I had one of my good friends, Mason (now one of our groomsmen), direct her through the service entrance away from where everyone had already congregated. I had been going crazy making sure all of my bases were covered so that she wouldn’t know what was happening.

Once I was completely dressed, which probably took me less than 2 minutes, Ale’s mom and I hopped into my family’s car and we were on our way. We came to the first red light on our trip and I began to check my pockets to make sure I had everything.

Phone: check, wallet: check, keys: check, ring……crap! I had completely forgotten about the ring through all the frantic craziness running through my head. I ran back inside, grabbed the box (made sure the ring was actually in it), and THEN were on our way for good.

Finally, we pull up to The Association parking lot, and I could see so many people anxiously waiting around the giant Aggie Ring statue. It was very important to me that we have as many people that have been wonderful and positive influences on our relationship be there as a part of this wonderful day. Fortunately, Ale had been successfully delivered to the “meeting” not knowing what was happening just outside.

I had organized the entire crowd, which was over100 people, to be on either side of the ring so that they could see. I had also organized a traditional Corps of Cadets saber arch, consisting of my once freshmen who were now seniors from my outfit when I was in the Aggie Band, and Ale’s younger brother, Justo, who was also a senior in the Corps. I pulled Mason aside and asked him to lead me in a prayer as everyone was gathering around patiently waiting.

Once we were all set, I texted Nic saying it was time. I was so nervous standing underneath the ring staring at the glass hoping to see Ale on the other side. A few minutes passed that seemed like forever, and I finally saw her silhouette come around the corner. That was when I lost it.

She had taken Justo’s arm and he walked her outside to where everyone was waiting. She immediately started crying and was overwhelmed with joy. After taking a few seconds to take in what was about to happen, Ale finally began walking towards me. After taking my hands, the rest is history. Unfortunately, we can hardly remember any of what I said, but all we know and care about was that she said, “YES!”

With many of our closest friends and family, including those who could not physically be there, I could not have asked for a more perfect way to ask my best friend to marry me and commit to forever. We are so grateful for every single person who made the effort to be there and share in one of the most memorable days of our lives.

We feel incredibly blessed!

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