Aldijana and Tim

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How We Met

I was 20 and working at a large retailer. I had just recently transferred to another location. In a matter of 2 months I had become pretty comfortable and made some great friends. Mark had just friend requested me on Facebook. As I snooped through his profile, I noticed he had a ton of pictures with a handsome guy named Tim. So I clicked on his name, for the next 15 minutes I admired his good looks and what seemed to be a fun personality. Quickly noticing there were pictures of a girl on his profile as well. A bit disappointed I closed everything up and didn’t think about it for awhile.

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A month later after assisting the front end with a busy Saturday rush, I noticed a tall blonde man wearing khaki and red walk in. Pleasantly surprised Tim was walking in with Mark. Then it hit me I never looked at his profile, where he worked during the summers while out of school. For the next week, my very talkative demeanor turned into complete shyness.

One random afternoon we had gone to break at the same time. He attempted to talk to me, but of course, my awkwardness had confused him so he backed off :(

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Finally, I decided that I had to break my shyness, otherwise I would never have an opportunity to have a real conversation with him. So I forced myself to be normal and throw a large pair of returned underwear at his face in my attempt to flirt. Well, guess what… it worked! For the next 2 weeks, he had asked me for my number and wanted to hang out. I was completely giddy with joy.

We decided we were going to hang out one Wednesday and go to the mall. We walked around for hours having the best conversations about anything and everything. It felt so perfect in every single way. He put his arm around me that day and I thought I was going to melt. When I dropped him off, he invited me inside to meet his dog, Bailey. Next thing I knew this amazing man I had admired for months, kissed me… I still remember that first kiss like it was yesterday.

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how they asked

We had been together for what seemed forever. Went through so much and loved each other more every single day. I could not imagine my life without him. Finally financially stable and working for great companies. We started planning our first vacation together. Our first vacation was going to be Colorado. All the ladies at work were convinced that he was going to ask on one of these vacations, but I was a bit weary. While planning our Colorado trip, we looked at AirB&B’s in Estes Park. We stumbled upon to Nathans listing and it was so nice with beautiful pictures and views. I noticed he was a photographer, all the more reason to go there based on Nathans pictures.

We stopped at Denver, Colorado first since Tim’s brother lived there and explored the surrounding areas for a while. That Sunday 6/4/17 we drove to Estes Park and could not get enough of the beauty of the mountains. We planned to really hit the road on Monday and start exploring Rocky Mountain National Park.

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That Monday Tim woke me up at 5:30 am complaining he was in some pain. He kept going to the restroom and told me he really needed to go to the store for some Pepto. Luckily they opened at 6 am. He left and I just got ready for the day ahead. It seemed to be taking a bit too long. He was gone for more than an hour. I started to get worried and called a few times and all I got back was repeated texts.

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He came back carrying a bottle of Pepto. I asked what took so long and he replied “Remember that little coffee shop in town? Well, I went and instead of a disposable cup they gave me a real mug, so I had to drink it there.” I completely agreed with his statement as if that’s a perfectly normal thing to happen. We finally left to go to the park. At the entrance, there was a beautiful field and he pulled the car over and asked if I wanted to stop there first. He then quickly said no and kept driving. We came up to the second field and it was the most beautiful spot I had ever seen. The mountains in the background created an almost surreal image. He stopped the car and I was so excited he did. He pointed out a man in the distance with a camera and asked what I thought he was doing. “Taking pictures of this beautiful place duhh!”

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Holding my hand we walked on the field, but I was too busy trying to escape his grip so I could frolic and enjoy its beauty. With no luck, I gave in and we just walked hand in hand. He was probably doing the most romantic thing any girl could imagine, pointing out all the poop on the ground from the different animals that had been on that field. Then he stopped and we turned around. He said “How ’bout a selfie?”. A bit surprised and excited by this question, I quickly agreed before he changed his mind.

As I admired the selfie, I saw him kneel down to his knees. With my hand over my mouth and tears of joy pouring down my cheeks I said “Yes!”. I was so lost in the moment. He then took my hand and said: “Well that’s our photographer”.

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I had been so lost in all the moments on this trip that my senses had been completely defused. He had sent the ring to his brother in Colorado to avoid any surprises at the airport. Allowed me to go through his luggage to distract me from my own thoughts. Left for an hour and a half with our airB&B guy (who happens to be our photographer) to the scope of proposal spots that morning. Pretended to be sick and go to the bathroom so he could practice his speech. Pointing out all the poop while he was trying to find the spot they agreed on. He pointed us the photographer to distract my attention and keep me from asking too many questions. I fail to see our AirB&B guy’s van parked behind us.

After 9 years the man of my dreams is still able to surprise me and keep me guessing.

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