Alden and Brad

how we met

Brad and I were connected through a mutual friend. It had been suggested multiple times that I meet Brad, but, I resisted since Brad lived two hours away from me. I was too “busy for a long distance relationship,” I would tell him each time he’d suggest the two of us should meet. The last time the suggestion was made, our mutual friend called to tell me Brad was in Kansas City for a hunting convention and he would like to buy me a drink. I asked our friend to tell me more, and he knew just how to peak my interest by telling me Brad owned nice horses. We are both competitors in the horse arena, Brad team ropes and I have shown and trained horses most of my life. The horse connection was exactly the push I needed. I, of course, asked for proof and was provided with photos and confirmed, his horses are indeed very nice. I gave permission to pass along my phone number. Brad called that afternoon and we officially met that evening. After that date, we each began making the two hour drive as often as possible to see each other.

how they asked

The proposal was a complete surprise to me. Which, if you know me, you know that’s not a very easy thing to do. In fact, almost everyone I know knew it was coming while I was completely in the dark. Brad had purchased a ring in October and asked my parents to lunch to ask their permission shortly after. Brad proposed on December 21st. That’s quite a bit of time to keep a secret like that! Brad was vaguely aware of a family heirloom diamond ring which had been left to me by my Great Aunt Melba and also worn by my mother for a time, but he wanted my parents to know he was serious and purchased a ring on his own. My mother, knowing what he was likely going to ask at their lunch, brought this ring along and it was decided that the family heirloom was the way to go. That ring would delay our proposal until December (more on the ring later) after Brad had returned the original ring and began the process of having our family heirloom redesigned. The process took so long that Brad had found the perfect farm with a house and plenty of land for our horses, a waterfowl habitat, and some crops prior to being able to propose. The ring wasn’t ready, but the property wasn’t going to stay on the market long, so he asked me if I would go look at the home with him. I was not impressed that he was asking me to look at a home without a ring on my finger, but, I loved the house and those feelings faded quickly. Until, I had the opportunity to talk to my girlfriends and express my annoyance that Brad was putting the cart before the horse. They all already knew what was coming, and we had a good laugh together after the engagement about the “house situation.” We did end up purchasing this property and we chose it as the location for our engagement shoot, all happy endings in this story!The actual proposal was delayed several times. Traffic, my independent nature, work, all got in the way of Brad’s plans. He eventually had to call for reinforcements and involve one of my very best and most mischievous friends, Jeahn. After I had failed to make the trip down to St. Paul several times, Jeahn created a grand adventure (see previous mention of rarely passing up a good time) to motivate me to take advantage of the early dismissal from work for the holiday I was insistent on not taking due to my workload and make the trip down to St. Paul. This adventure involved baby goats, fried chicken, and a dive bar called the Pink Pickle. Jeahn and I’s friendship is built on random adventures. She still owes me this adventure, because it never occurred!When I arrived in St. Paul, Brad greeted me in the driveway and let me know we needed to go check on a piece of property before Jeahn got there. I thought it was strange we were taking the nice truck instead of the farm truck, but I was none-the-wiser. Once we arrived, we walked around in the mud checking on things, I was cold and slightly annoyed. The rest is all a blur. Brad stopped me next to the pond and told me Jeahn wasn’t coming. I had just spoken to Jeahn so this was news to me and I was now cold and VERY annoyed. When he started the next sentence my heart STOPPED. I immediately knew what was happening and while I cannot recall the exact words, but I do remember burrying my face in his chest as I listened to his beautiful sweet words and holding him so tight he could barely get to the ring in his pocket to ask the question. I wasn’t cold anymore and I was definitely no longer annoyed. I was THE SINGLE HAPPIEST PERSON ON THIS PLANET. We stood in that spot until the sun had completely set savoring the first moments of engagement. Post proposal, we went to the local golf course for dinner and drinks where we were met by many of the people who had watched our relationship from the very beginning.

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