Alda and Adam

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Bedroom

How We Met

To say my husband’s proposal was unorthodox would be an understatement…but just read and you’ll be pleasantly surprised. You might even laugh until you cry. So here’s how the story goes:

Adam and I started dating in 2014 but took a break for a year. Just wasn’t the right timing, you know? A year passed and life went on. After a year, Adam came to the realization that we were really good together. With persistence, he began trying to win me back.

We finally reconnected in June 2015. His plan to win me back, you might ask? Cook me a romantic dinner. Red wine braised short ribs and risotto to be exact. Yes, he’s an amazing cook. To make him nervous, I showed up fashionably late. When I finally arrived, we realized the spark had not died.

Now the story gets even better…. We were officially boyfriend and girlfriend in August 2015. Even though I was late for that date back in June, I knew Adam was my future. I loved him so much with all my heart.

Wasn’t too long before we moved in together and we started planning out our life. Engagement, wedding, buying a house, starting a family. One fateful day in January 2016, we learned those plans were going to be augmented. We learned we were pregnant. Not quite what we were expecting, even though we were now expecting.

We were going to have our baby and were excited, but scared. Telling our parents and friends we got pregnant unexpectedly was, as you can imagine, a journey in itself. My mom wanted us to get married on the spot. Adam’s parents were very scared about our future and the impact of having a baby so early on would have on our relationship. Our friends were mostly supportive. But what were they going to really say? From my perspective, I didn’t really care what people said. This was our life, not theirs!

How They Asked

Around March 2016, we went ring shopping in Boston. Adam’s Mom graciously provided the center stone for the engagement ring, which had been passed on to her by her mother. The rest was up to Adam. Not being a fashionista, and out of fear he would pick the wrong band, he felt it best that I guide him in the right direction. Smart!

Since I picked out my ring, I knew I was going to get engaged but had no idea what day or time! So here comes the engagement story. On April 29, Adam was being suspicious the whole day and I asked him what’s going on? He said, “nothing, I’m just busy and have to get something today.” He’s a terrible liar so I knew he was up to something.

Work ended and I was excited to go home. I was on the phone with Adam while driving. I asked him… “did you take care what you needed to do?” He said “yeah, I had to grab some toilet paper.” I’m thinking to myself, “toilet paper, that was the big deal.” In actuality, he went to get the engagement ring. Adam had no clue where to hide the ring and was paranoid he was going to lose it. So he knew he had to propose that day.

When I got home, he told me to go to the bedroom. I got to our bedroom and I saw the following:

– A circle of red roses
– Three rolls of toilet paper.

Where to Propose in Bedroom

On said toilet paper rolls, was a box. I turned around, and he proposed. The rest, as they say, is history.