Alberto and Katherine

How We Met

I believe that the best kind of relationships begin unexpectedly. When I first saw Alberto, I felt very drawn to him, it was almost as if God was whispering to me “there he is, the one you have been praying for.” I wasn’t looking to start any kind of relationship, and come to find out neither was Alberto, but I couldn’t help but find myself wanting to at least know what his name was and I found myself subconsciously trying to get him to notice me. We worked out at the same gym. It’s funny because if you ask Alberto when it was that we first met, he always starts by saying that he noticed me long before I noticed him and long before we ever officially met. It’s extremely hard not to notice Alberto though, so I argue that I noticed him first. To this day I still find him to be the most handsome man I have ever laid eyes on. More deeply put though, there is something so different about him. I felt so attracted to the way he carried himself, the way he conversated with people, his whole demeaner drew me in from the start. I once read a quote by Chavez that said, “pay attention to the things you are naturally drawn to, they are often connected to your path.” I needed to at least know who he was and I needed him to know who I was. Our paths crossed one night outside of the gym at a local nutrition shop. I was determined that this was the night I would get the chance to talk to him. I overheard him mention how he was feeling tired that night and I used that opportunity to make a smart remark. I told him he didn’t know tired until he was a parent that worked 60-hour weeks and still found time to make it to the gym (I was referring to myself). He smiled at this comment and introduced himself to me, it was at that moment that he went from being just the “cute spanish guy at the gym” to being Alberto. As cheesy as it sounds I will never forget that night when Alberto looked at me and the way he made me feel. I left the nutrition shop that night feeling a fervent desire to get to know more of him, I never wanted our conversation to end. Alberto reached out to me later that week through social media and from that point on our conversations grew from small talks to talking for hours from morning to night, I began to fall for more than just his outwardly appearance to falling for everything about who he was as a person and for everything his soul possessed. My favorite conversations with Alberto were the ones that we shared about the Lord, in these conversations my heart realized that he was truly a gift from god, and someone I desperately wanted in my life. I feel that in life we often think we know what we are looking for and we try to find it in our own time, and we fail to remember that God is in complete control of our lives. His plan for our lives is far greater than our own plans and when we stop trying to find what we think we want and place our lives into God’s hands what we are looking for finds us. Some of the talks Alberto and I shared in the beginning of our journey are some of the deepest conversations that I have ever shared with anyone, for the first time in my life I felt like I could be my complete self with a man. I didn’t think I was ready for love when I met Alberto, but when does anyone really know when they are ready, and just like someone once said, “you can’t hide from your soul mate and the one God made for you, you will find each other, you will fall, and you will stay.” It is my prayer that I stay with him forever.

how they asked

Last month I proposed to my girlfriend/now fiancé. She told me she was missing her family who lives in Michigan so I booked us flights to go visit them. I booked flights to Chicago, telling her it was cheaper that way. At first she was not thrilled that we were flying into Chicago because all she wanted to do was go home to her family. Upon landing in Chicago her step dad and her mom picked us up from the airport as we had planned.

Katie’s mother told her she had an unexpected meeting in Chicago the next morning and that we needed to stay the night in Chicago. Knowing this we decided to “go out” that evening. So I took Katie shopping for a dress that she could wear that evening. Her step dad booked a hotel across from the trump tower where Katie (my fiancé) thought we were all going to sleep. So as the sun was beginning to set we got ready for our night out on the town. I wore jeans and a t shirt and her step dad did the same. Her 3 year old son was there too. All the gentleman were ready first (naturally), so Katie and her mother stayed back as they finished getting ready for the night.

The guys (her step dad, her son, and me) left them to finish up. We told them we would go reserve a table at a restaurant that didn’t take reservations. Instead we headed to the trump towers where her sisters and her best friend were waiting to give her the surprise of her life. I had made custom beauty and the beast cards which included quotes from the movie. The first card was given to her by the hotel manager (seen in the first picture opening the door for Katie and her mother).

Alberto's Proposal in Trump Tower Chicago

The first card read “Ma chere Mademoiselle, it is with deepest pride And greatest pleasure that we welcome you tonight”. Each person from her family (who she did not know would be there) would give her a card when she arrived and would guide her to the next person until finally she reaches me.

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Note: None of us were wearing what she had seen us in last. She had no idea her family was going to be there. She thought she was going to dinner with her mother and step dad and myself.

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