Albania and Christian

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How We Met

We meet in middle school, he is the best friend of my brother, and just a simply fried for me. Later for some years, i come to see him in high school,We started talking more, then we attended the same church. When he went to study a few hours away, he could hardly bear it. From one moment to another we were sharing more, going out more, talking more. But we did not realize what we felt. Even to day. 11 from august, where he had to express his feelings that day, i was happy. Have been blessed years full of love, learning, growth, maturity, in short, everything, every day I am more grateful to God for this handsome gentleman who put me by my side.

how they asked

In the normal day, later of work, we and others friends come to San Juan Moda, in the night of the designer Lisa Thon. But this night changes our friend Kareen call us and we run and we enter in the backstage, i think “mmmm, what happens” and Kareen tolds me Christian was going to model, and i believe that. But in the final of the runway of Leornardo’s i see him with a microphone and i see to the people and she call me to the runway, i felt my body warm, my legs trembling, crying with emotion.

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Later of tell me beautiful things, i cant stop of crying, but i feel so happy, beloved and special. Was magical! In minutes she told me, “Albania you wanna be my wife, i can’t respond but i said yes with my head!!!! The people scream, applauded, and congratulated us.

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Special Thanks

Kareen Osorio
 | She do the impossible for talk with productor of the runway