Alayna and Skyler

how they asked

Skyler and I were in kindergarten together and were absolute best friends. That summer he moved to a different school, and I didn’t see him again until my senior year of high school. One day me and my mom went to the grocery store and she saw Skyler looking at me. A few days later I got a Facebook friend request from him and we’ve been together since then. That was around February 2013. My mom got rediagnosed with Brest cancer in 2013 and passed away in August. He never left my side, and promised he never would. Saturday January 23rd, 2016, Skyler told me we were taking family pictures at the botanical gardens (one of my most favorite places). We walk to all the roses and he tells me to stand in the gazebo. He turns to his mom and pulls out a beautiful purple rose, kisses me on the forehead and kneels on one knee. He told me how much he loves me and that it would be an honor to be my husband. We took pictures and he included my favorite picture of my mom. It was the best day of my life and it means the world to me that he thought to include my mom in some way. I get to marry the best most thoughtful man in the world.

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