Alayna and Hunter

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How We Met

Hunter and I first met in high school, but never truly connected until we both graduated. It was 3 years after my high school graduation and a year after his when he decided to contact me. Secretly, I was crushing on him for a while and he admitted to the same, it just took the matter of one of us speaking our minds to get somewhere.

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how they asked

The proposal was planned well, but not very well executed, in the surprise factor. He and my parents had kept telling me to dress up, because we were going to go take family photos, but the morning of the pictures, my two brothers went to Grand Rapids, one to work and the other to shop. I said mom this is not going to work they will not be home in time, what it going on, and she told me not to worry so much and to just enjoy the day. We ended up going to a park downtown to get said ‘family photos’ and my mom asked Hunter and I to go to this are by the water’s edge for a photo to see if she liked the background. It was at that point that he popped the question! I had a gut feeling it was going to happen, but it was so special to actually have my parents there to witness it happen!

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