Alaya and Kevin

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How We Met

I met Kevin our junior year of college at Elizabeth City State University. My friend lived in a dorm suite and her suitemate was friends with Kevin. At first Kevin was not someone who I paid any attention to until he came in the dorm with an eagles hat on. Being from Philadelphia and a diehard Eagles fan I grew fond of him. After a late night date to Dairy Queen I realized that we had a lot in common and a love for how I met your mother. I was more open to being more than friends. After a few dates and seeing how loving and kind he was I knew he was the one.

how they asked

Our four year anniversary was that Sunday 04/15/18 and we decided to take a road trip down to our college town for our spring fest. Getting to North Carolina from philadelphia was a task I was extremely crabby to say the least. When we got there Friday night he dropped me off at our hotel and went to meet up with some friends. Not even ten minutes later a friend called me to tell me Kevin had got into a car accident and his eye was swollen shut. At the hospital he was upset little did I know it was because he was planning to propose the next morning.

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That Saturday we had plans to meet up with our old friends from college for brunch. Kevin had to go and meet his friend and we would meet up later at brunch. As I was waiting to get picked up my cousin called me and asked if we could hang out. I was a little skeptical at first but agreed because she told me Kevin would meet me at brunch later. Once my cousin and her fiancé picked me up they called Kevin which he then informed me that we were going on a surprise scavenger hunt for our anniversary.

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I didn’t think much of it because he does these scavenger hunts for us every year. So the first stop I saw one of my best friends who gave me the rules and informed me that part of the surprise was a photographer was going to take my pictures. This still didn’t send a red flag because I just talked about wanting to get pictures done of us.

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Each clue led me to a good friend from college who would tell me how much they loved me and loved Kevin. Still, through all of this, I still didn’t think we were about to get engaged! It wasn’t until my last clue which was my roommate from freshman year who I haven’t seen in three years was there I knew something was up.

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Finally, when I received my final clue it led me to Kevin which was the same spot he asked me to be his girlfriend on our college campus four years prior. When I got there it was all of my friends from the scavenger hunt all holding either heart shape balloons or flowers. Kevin met me halfway while Get You by Daniel Caesar was playing and gave me flowers and led me to a chair where he expressed his love for me.

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Once he got on one knee I cried and laughed and said yes! Finally, we got to celebrate with all of our friends at our favorite restaurant from college and be surrounded by people who care about us and couldn’t ask for anything more.

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Special Thanks

D'andra Drewitt
 | Photographer
Tra Jones
 | Planning
Aminah Weeks
 | Planning