Alanna and Mario

how they asked

It was important to Mario that he properly ask my parents for my hand in marriage, so he planned on doing so when we went home for my birthday at the end of May. Everything that could have gone wrong did but Mario still asked my parents and continued with his elaborately romantic plan. We had a wedding on the weekend of our anniversary, June 17th, in Orlando where we had recently moved from (to ATL). We went to dinner at the most beautiful spot in Orlando, my favorite lake. After dinner, as we were looking at the sun beginning to set and talking about the tadpole collection I had with my best friend when I was 12, Mario dropped to one knee.

Alanna and Mario's Engagement in Hillstone Restaurant in Orlando, Florida

Anytime we had talked about marriage, Mario responded with a terrified response that suggested we would get married when we were 40 so I had absolutely no idea this proposal would take place when it did. When he said, “will you marry me?” I was totally speechless rather than answering with the “yes” I had been praying about my entire life. He had to ask twice (to which I am still so embarrassed about) until I responded with the “yes” I don’t even remember saying. His best friends photographed everything and we returned to where we were staying to find our families and closest friends waiting to surprise me. It is an understatement to say it was the greatest and most romantic night of my entire life. I’m marrying Mario!!

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