Alanna and Kenny

How We Met: Kenny and I have been friends for many years. We are both from New Jersey and have the same group of friends, we would talk when we would see each other but nothing to ever make either one of us think back then we would be where we are now! Funny how things change!! Our relationship started to get serious about 2 years ago right after he joined the US Marine Corps.

We were living in different states, him being in NC with the Marines and myself being in TX in college. With that he told me he was being deployed on a combat mission for 9 months to Afghanistan, my heart dropped, but I told him I was not going any where and I would be waiting for his safe arrival home. May 2014 HE CAME HOME! as you can see in the picture below there are no words to describe that feeling…. the rest was history!!

Image 1 of Alanna and Kenny

how they asked: After Kenny came home from his combat deployment in Afghanistan, he booked us a trip to Mexico! He was away for 9 months so I was beyond excited t o get away with the love of my life and to just spend some alone time on this beautiful resort and just relax!

On our last night after a beautiful dinner we were walking to the resorts club with another couple we had met at the pool that day, as we were walking through the grand hallway I suggested that we take a picture because it was just too gorgeous not to and the next thing I know is! KENNY IS DOWN ON ONE KNEE WITH A LITTLE BOX AND A BIG SPARKLY RING. I was in complete shock, in tears and some giggles I said YES.

Image 2 of Alanna and Kenny