Alanis and Marco

How We Met

Marco and I had been best friends for years. That relationship turned into the best romance over a year and a half ago.

How They Asked

One day he invited me to a charity event his job was hosting. I wasn’t suspicious because his job has them often and I always ask to go. He bought me a dress and told me the company was going to call me an Uber. He was waiting where the cab dropped me off and we started walking to what I thought was the event. It was completely freezing outside and I wasn’t properly dressed. He says “Alanis you look beautiful, let me take a picture of you.

The scenery by the river is perfect!” I start complaining and arguing with him that it’s cold and I’m freezing and that I just want to go inside. Then I finally say, “Babe I’m leaving to go inside!” Right before I got a chance to walk he pulls out the ring box and says “you sure you wanna go inside?” Needless to say all the cold I was feeling went away in an instant.

Proposal Ideas Outside the restaurant Blend on the Water

Special Thanks

Lauren Lane
 | Photographer