Alana and Cameron

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How We Met

Cam stumbled across my Instagram page when looking through different Hawaii pictures after his holiday there. I had obviously checked in at a location he was looking at photos from, leading him to like other Hawaii photos on my page. He then started following me and when I finally decided “what the heck” I’ll follow him back, it sparked conversation and the rest is history.

how they asked

We had decided earlier in the week that we would go for a picnic on Saturday 24th of December and finally use the picnic basket he had got me the year before for my birthday. On that day he had told me that he had purchased a food platter from @yourplattermatters and that he would have to collect it before we had our picnic at Burleigh beach. When we got to Burleigh, he parked by the beach and said he had to collect the platter from there. I was very confused as we were not in a location were you would think to collect a large food platter from. He then said they would be delivering it to us at the beach – I found it all a bit odd but just went along with it not knowing any better.

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When we walked onto the beach, there was a stunning tipi set up with a bunch of flowers, Chandon on ice, candles burning and the most spectacular food platter. It was simply amazing, but was still certain this was his Christmas present to me (being Christmas eve). Whilst sipping on my Chandon and eating cheese, he reached into the picnic basket he had bought me for my birthday, pulled out a small blue box whilst on one knee and asked me to marry him. It was all incredibly romantic and a day I could never forget!

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Special Thanks

Jaran Pantic
 | Photographer
Megan Fernandez
 | Planning
Gold Coast Tipis
 | Equipment Hire