Alana and Ricky

How We Met

Richard (Ricky) and I have been best friends since second semester sophomore year at the University of Wisconsin Madison. We met through my best friend from high school, John, who was in Ricky’s fraternity. When we met we immediately got along and knew that we were going to click. At that time we developed a solid friendship that was not like any other friendship. We went to dances together and talked a lot. However, we were still just good friends. St. Patrick’s Day sophomore year was 70 + degrees outside and the campus was going crazy. Ricky and I spent most of the day together and ended up hanging out on the front porch of his fraternity listening to “Call Me Maybe” a million times and talking. Our friends captured this picture, and until this day Ricky says that it was the exact moment when he knew that he loved me.

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Nothing really came out of our relationship until senior year. All of our friends were coupling up (many of them are now engaged), and we knew that we both had feelings and wanted to give it a shot. Best decision I have ever made! We are both from Minnesota and came back home after we graduated. (Graduating picture below).

Due to travels and life changes Ricky and I dated on and off until the beginning of 2018. When we got back together we knew that it was for good this time and we were not messing around. He was my best friend in the whole world and I was his. We enjoyed being together, talking to each other, and laughing at our own punny jokes (even if no one else laughed). We started to talk weddings in October and little did I know what was coming!!

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How They Asked

On December 23rd my family planned to take professional family photos since our favorite photographer, Janelle, was in town. When we finalized the photo date with Janelle, my sister (Alexis) reached out to Ricky to see if he was interested in proposing anytime soon. She knew that this would be a perfect time since I was ready to be engaged, and I love ALL of Janelle’s photos. Ricky, Alexis, and Janelle talked for about a month to plan to a proposal, but Ricky never gave me any clues that it was coming. We looked at rings ONE WEEK before the engagement and we were planning on looking at some during our trip to Vail after Christmas. The soonest that I thought it would happen was in March 2019.

However, on December 23rd Ricky worked it out with my sister and Janelle to have us go early to the photo site to “scout out the area”. My sister called and asked me if I could be there 30 minutes early so when her young kids arrived we had a game plan for photos. Everything made sense and sounded good to me. When I asked Ricky if he would be okay with going early he had no problem with it. When we arrived on-site Janelle was there and I introduced her to Ricky. Janelle told me that she was bummed that Alexis wasn’t there yet because Alexis wanted to do a couple shoot with my brother-in-law. Janelle asked if we wanted to do a quick photo shoot to make sure the lighting was correct for photos. I was so excited because I didn’t think Ricky was even going to be in any family photos (big bf/gf family debate before the shoot), let alone get a private couple shoot with Janelle! When we started walking down a path Ricky asked me to look at him and kiss him. I did. Giggled a little and kept walking. He told me to look at him again. When I did this time he got on one knee and proposed. I was in shock!!

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When he opened the ring box I saw the ring that I loved at the store the week before, and I knew that it was real! I kept asking Janelle if she knew about it and then asking Ricky if he was serious. I asked so many times that I never actually said “yes” until he asked me again!

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Alana and Richard (Ricky)'s Engagement in Hansen Tree Farm - Anoka, MN

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Hansen Tree Farm - Anoka, MN

The best thing is that my family started to show up right after Ricky proposed so I got to share the excitement with all of them!

My sister Alexis.

My mother, step-dad, and brother.

and even Ricky’s parents!

It was an amazing day and one that I will never forget. It wasn’t until afterward that I realized Ricky gave me my dream engagement. I always asked for us to be engaged in the woods with just us two and a photographer. Then for my family to celebrate with us afterward. (I also asked for him to learn how to play guitar and play me a song…but that is irrelevant!). Ricky scored a home run, and I am thrilled to call him my fiancè!

The best thing is that in the end Ricky got to be in all of the family photos and will always be going forward!!

Special Thanks

Janelle Flom
 | Photographer
Alexis Hohertz
 | Planning