Alana and Adam

Alana's Proposal in Ulupalakua Winery on Maui

How We Met

Adam and I went to the same high school in Palos Verdes, California. He was two grades ahead of me and captain of the football and lacrosse teams, so naturally, I had a huge crush on him. Whenever people would ask if I had a “type”, I would respond with someone who looks just like Adam Wagoner. Being best friends with his sister, I eventually dropped the hint that I was interested, to which she responded “YES!”. After a year and a half of pining, he finally asked her if he could have my number. At the time, he was driving from Florida to Texas with orders from the Navy to start aviation training. Months of texting and endless phone calls went by and we decided it was time to pull the trigger and finally have a first date. He paid for my ticket to Austin, Texas where he surprised me with tickets to a Blake Shelton concert and after an incredible weekend together, the rest is history!

Where to Propose in Ulupalakua Winery on Maui

how they asked

I was born and raised in Hawaii so the islands hold a very special place in my heart. Adam’s father and stepmother just retired on Maui so when he got time off in June we decided our first stop would be to visit their new home. The second day into the trip with no plans known to me, Adam mentioned we should check out a winery. Upon arriving, we went to the tasting room where we were greeted and told his parents had set up a private tasting for us. We started with a champagne toast in the private bungalow, where our tour guide started telling us about the history of the grounds and began with the walking tour.

We made our way to the alcove of trees that overlook the ocean where Adam asked our guide to take a photo for us. He turned and after telling me how much he loved me and wanted to spend the rest of his life with me, he got down on one knee and asked the big question! Tears and many “Oh my God’s” later, I managed to answer YES! When we returned to the house, the surprises kept coming. He had my mom and soon to be mother-in-law hiding in one of the bedrooms and after a champagne toast, a limo pulled up to take us all to dinner at Mama’s Fish House. Best day of my life!