Alan and Nicki's Adorable Surprise Proposal

Adorable Marriage Proposal Full of Surprises (6)How we met: Alan and I first met when we were 12 years old and in 6th grade! We had a language arts class together and became friends. The following years we ended up in a few of the same classes, but it wasn’t until freshman year of high school, when we landed in the same English class, that we really got to know one another and started dating. The first day of high school was not my best day. I had gotten lost, and hardly knew anyone in my classes. When I found my English class I took a seat and just prayed I would know one person in my class. To my surprise Alan walked through the door. I was so excited to see a familiar face; I got up and hugged him. Throughout the year, we continued to sit next to each other and work together and eventually started dating. He has always been able to make me laugh. He would crack jokes about me being a “nerd” and studying way too much, and I would laugh at his terrible handwriting on our projects and how he NEVER remembered to bring a pencil, paper, or his books to class.

how they asked: The Saturday before Easter I was supposed to be going to Alan’s house to have a pre-Easter dinner with his side of the family. Just like for any family event, I spent a little extra time getting ready knowing that we would be taking pictures (good thing I did!). When it was almost time for Alan to pick me up, he called and said that he was about to turn on my street and to come outside. As soon as I walked out I knew something was up, because instead of Alan’s car out front I found two of my very best friends rolling up. I hopped in the car and they handed me a note from Alan that explained we were not eating with his family, and instead we would be celebrating us. My friends then drove me to a nail salon where I was met by my mom, aunt, and two cousins. We all got our nails done and then they handed me another note. This note said, now that my nails were done he had rounded up some of my closest friends to help me pick out a special outfit for the night. I was then taken to one of my favorite stores, which had stayed open just for us, and inside I found 3 of my other friends from college! I was so surprised I started laughing and crying all at the same time. Once I was all dressed and ready to go they drove me to the final location. We pulled up in Alan’s driveway and he was waiting. He walked me into his backyard which was beautifully decorated with flowers, lights, and candles everywhere (he hacked my Pinterest page!). As soon as we walked in he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! He was literally not even on his knee a full second before I jumped on him and sad YES. When we went into his house all of our friends and family were there waiting to celebrate. We had a wonderful night complete with homemade fajitas and a margarita machine. That will be a night I will never forget.

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