Alan and Tavia

This past December 2016, Alan (my fiancé) told me we were going out to our friends, Ashley and Lee’s, for dinner. He changed plans and told me last minute that Ashley would be picking me up instead of him. Ashley picked me up and had been distracting me on our drive to dinner. When we arrived Ashley suggested we go in the house through the back door. I never actually made it to the back door- because there was Alan standing at the end of a lit up pathway, at the house where we first met, under an archway and sign that read “Marry me”.

Image 1 of Alan and Tavia

After freezing (literally) on the spot I finally walked slowly down the pathway to where he was standing. He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. A few of our close friends surrounded us (who had been hiding in the dark back yard), congratulating us and capturing pictures of this exciting night. Once again Alan took me by surprise, as he always does, because I left calling him my fiancé that night.

Image 2 of Alan and Tavia