Alaina and Shane


How We Met

They met back in 2008, in high school. Alaina was sitting at her usual lunch table and there Shane was sitting directly across from her. Alaina was a senior at the time and he was a junior. At the end of the year she went off to college and they were able to see each other on holidays and breaks. Shane decided to enlist in the navy and Alaina moved out to California for school. 5+ years and multiple deployments later, Shane finally finished out his 4 years and they moved in together here in Los Angeles.

how they asked

In April of 2016 Alaina was visiting home in PA, ready to have a relaxing weekend away at the beach. Unfortunately, their SUV was “in the shop” so they had to postpone the trip down to Delaware until Monday. Little did she know, Shane was on a redeye flying 2,709 miles to ask the biggest question every man thinks of asking. It was a beautiful Spring day in West Chester, all the flowers were blooming and the grass was green, something Alaina is not used to seeing anymore being in LA. Her mom decided they should meet family friends at Longwood Gardens, a spot that Shane and Alaina hold very close to their hearts as it was one of their first dates and the place Shane asked her to be his girlfriend, back in 2008.

Alaina and her mom arrived around 5p and began their walk through the gardens until she was stopped and surprised three separate times by her closest friends. Each friend gave a note, handwritten by Shane quoting letters he had written when being away in the navy along with a ring pop (as he said he would never get her a real diamond). At the end of the pathway Shane was there waiting for Alaina to arrive and get down on one knee.



Photos were taken to document the most exciting moment in this love story… so far.

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