Alaina and Kyle

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Disney World

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Our families decided to go on a vacation together to Disney World to celebrate both of our parents’ wedding anniversaries. My parents were celebrating their 25th anniversary and his parents were celebrating their 30th anniversary. It was a special trip for sure!

On the day we went to the Magic Kingdom, Kyle told me we were meeting our families by the castle at 10 AM. When 10 rolled around, we were standing in front of the castle with my brothers looking for our parents. Kyle told me, “I think they are waiting for us on the side of the castle!” We made our way up to the side of the castle to The Wishing Well. Both of our parents and Kyle’s sister were there waiting for us with a Disney photographer. My heart started pounding because I didn’t know what was going to happen! We said hi to everyone and then the photographer started taking photos of our parents and our families in front of the castle, taking turns.

Finally, Kyle said, “Let’s take some pictures just you and I.” We began getting our photo taken, posing in different ways. After we took a few different photos, the photographer asked: “Do you want any other photos?” That’s when Kyle said, “Let’s take 1 more…” and proceeded to get down on one knee. I was so excited I ran around in a little circle before grabbing my face in shock! He asked me to spend forever with him at our favorite place in the world and I said YES!

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