Alaina and Cole

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How We Met

I always said for years I would love it if my proposal was documented somehow; he listened and made it happen! Pictures to cherish forever.

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How They Asked

He told me our good friend who is a photographer needed a few couples to do a photo shoot on Sunday to build his portfolio!! The photographer and I communicated and I was convinced we were being used to showcase the photos for our friend!

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Couple days before the photographer mentioned both couples canceled and it would be just us; and we would get more pics out of it. ! I still thought it was a photoshoot up until cole saw a pic he took; said “I like this spot can we take a few more here” my heart dropped then because I knew he found the perfect spot for him to propose.

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I began acting weird and freaking out. He told me to be quiet and to let him talk. And He said beautiful words and got it photographed! We actually got all our engagement pictures done in the same setting! So smart!