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Aki and I have been dating long distance for 3 years now. For my first trip down to Dallas I booked a weekend at the Joule for us; our first anniversary was also spent at the Joule. All of our favorite memories were spent at that hotel, so naturally I had to propose there.

A month before the proposal I reached out to Aki’s boss, Melissa and asked her if she could create a fake office party on a Saturday at the Joule and made sure Aki attended. I had an outfit picked out for her that her roommates picked up from the mall and made sure she wore it to her “fancy work party.” I had given the Joule her photo so they would know exactly where to escort her for her office party.

I had been coordinating with Dan and Andrew at the Joule about 6 weeks prior to the proposal, they helped me plan out where to hold the proposal. The day of, my family and I got to the Joule early in the morning and started the decorations (making sure all the candles were lined up just prefect like a pathway, enough rose petals everywhere, candles lit). We were constantly tracking her location to make sure she didn’t show up earlier then the planned time. Aki arrived at 11 AM and told the front desk she was here for her companies work event like Melissa (her boss) had told her. Andrew escorted her up the elevators and there I was waiting for the love of my life. All I kept thinking was “I hope she says yes!” Everything looked just perfect, and my photographers were ready to capture all memories for us. The flowers were laid out like a walkway which lead Aki straight to me. As soon as she saw me she was in mixed emotions of laughter and tears. I don’t even remember what I said to her in all the mixed emotions – but all I know is that she’s my fiancé and she said YES!

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