Akash and Ravneet

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How We Met

Akash and I met in 2007 when we were 16 years old! We were kids but immediately we were attracted to each other in every possible way. We spent a ton of time talking on the phone and communicating via text but one of our favorite thing to do was call each other on Saturday nights and watch the same episode of Cops followed by America’s Most Wanted on TV. We had similar values and beliefs so easing into the friendship was incredibly easy. Even though we both wanted to pursue a romantic relationship at this time we weren’t ready to… so we decided to be the best of friends!

how they asked

For several months Akash had asked me to keep the July 29th weekend free under the impression we were taking our annual beach trip. I had NO clue that he was planning my dream proposal in our favorite city! The night before we left he informed me that we were actually going to NYC and everything was booked so I didn’t have to worry about anything for the weekend. Once we got into the city we ate at one of our favorite restaurants and grabbed a couple of drinks. When it was time to check-in at the hotel I realized that Akash had actually booked us at Kimpton Ink 48 Hotel in Hells Kitchen which has my favorite NYC rooftop above it. After getting dressed Akash took me upstairs to the Press Lounge Rooftop to “grab a drink.” We ordered from the bar and walked over to a empty table with the gorgeous NYC skyline behind us.

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He pulled me into his arms and started talking about our beautiful relationship over the course of the last decade. Next thing I knew he was down on one knee holding the MOST gorgeous ring out and asking me to marry him. I responded with a heart full of love “YES!” This man has been my best friend for the last decade and my significant other for more than half of that time. There was never a doubt that he was the absolute love of my life and I’m so thrilled to see what our future has in store for us!

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After the proposal was done we took some beautiful pictures with the NYC skyline and the Hudson River background with the amazing photographer- Mohammed Bari. We went back down to our room after and I was completely in shock when we opened the door. Throughout this entire process Akash had planned so much detail with one of the employees at the Kimpton Hotel, Akil Ross- and had him come into the room while we were upstairs on the rooftop and completely redecorate it! There were roses that he had shipped in from California as well as champagne, cupcakes and beautiful decoration pieces congratulating us on our engagement! Everything was absolutely perfect! To finish off the most perfect day he then surprised me with dinner at a five-star restaurant-The NoMad. The next morning when I assumed we were heading back home to Virginia he surprised me once again by taking a slight detour to go to Atlantic City just to have lunch at my favorite restaurant- Buddakan. I couldn’t dream of a more perfect proposal! He planned everything around my favorite things and didn’t stop himself from spoiling us through the entire weekend. I truly am the luckiest and happiest girl on this planet!!!

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Special Thanks

Mohammed Bari
 | Photographer
Akil Ross
 | Planning