Akansha and Vick

How We Met

Vick and I met on the last day of 2012 at a New Year’s Eve party in Long Island. We exchanged numbers, but after talking for a few weeks whatever spark there was initially fizzled. As fate would have it, we did not date in 2013 or 2014 or 2015. Going our separate ways, we left Long Island for different cities, directions, people, and lives. In a span of three years, we had both moved out of our homes, focused on our careers, and even explored the challenging online dating scene. By the end of 2015 when we were both living in New York again, we were just acquaintances who awkwardly greeted each other at mutual friends’ parties.

Something changed in September of 2016. He wished me on my birthday via text and then the next day asked if I was free for drinks in NYC. We met up after work for drinks but something felt different between us. We visited a restaurant across the street and shared a meal. He made sure the servers brought out a birthday cake with sparklers for me. That weekend we spoke on the phone for the first time, the following weekend we went on a date, and the rest is history. We went from being casually-acquainted to seriously dating in a blink of time. We spent almost every day after work together, constantly texted and called one another, introduced each other as boyfriend/girlfriend to friends and family, laughed together, cried together, and cherished one another.

On December 31st, 2017, after knowing each other for exactly 5 years, we had our pre-engagement Indian ceremony known as “Roka” We strongly desired this ceremony, because it was a sign of our commitment to each other, a way for our families to get to know each other, and for us the first step towards being together forever (as sappy as that sounds). Months after the Roka, we started discussing and planning our 2019 nuptials. Given all the excitement of these events, I had always considered our Roka our official engagement and told Vick about my desire to go ring shopping together and to have an engagement photo shoot in the fall.

I never knew he planned to catch me off guard and surprise me with a proposal! It was only after our proposal, I found out he had something in mind for months but was waiting for the right moment and place.

How They Asked

A few months before the proposal, Vick invited me to visit his extended family in Germany and also asked if I wanted to explore a European city together. Cost, logistics, and my limited vacation days meant Paris made the most sense to visit. We booked our trip for November. In the months leading up to Paris (and completely unbeknownst to me), he had picked out an engagement ring, hired a professional photographer, and spoke to both our families about his plans.

We arrived in Paris on November 4th, 2018 on a beautiful fall day. Shortly upon arrival, he told me we should get ready to go out and explore the city, and that we would be going to dinner with a strict dress code after, so it did not make sense to change or come back. He had mentioned this dinner before, and I assumed he wanted a super romantic date night for us in Paris, so did not question it.

We were in a taxi heading close to the Eiffel tower which was looking absolutely breathtaking, and my inner Francophile was dancing in joy. I was absolutely jubilant to be in such a romantic city together on such a beautiful day. We stopped by an Eiffel tower lookout point near the Seine River. There were many tourists coming and going and taking pictures, as well as some married couples having photoshoots. We were there for a few minutes discussing us. How surreal it is that after so many years of knowing each other it took us so long to get together. How remarkable it felt to be in Europe and in a Paris of all places together. How amazing it will feel when we are finally married next year. I remember how happy I felt, and how hungry being happy made me feel. After a few minutes, I wanted to leave and go eat, but he wanted us to enjoy the view and moment.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Paris, France

Memory is a funny thing because I remember so many things leading up to the moment including what we were discussing, but my mind stopped processing his words when I saw him take out the box from his pocket, show me the beautiful ring, get down on one knee, almost put it on the wrong finger (until I corrected him), and kiss me. He turned around and pointed to a woman with a camera and said that she was our photographer and clandestinely taking pictures of us this whole time. We had a mini photoshoot and celebrated our proposal and lifetime commitment to each other with wine and pizza (before the fancy dinner – which turns out actually was a real dinner with a dress code!)

Akansha and Vick's Engagement in Paris, France

I have always teased Vick for not being romantic enough and in leading up to the proposal, constantly nagged him about not making an effort to set up an engagement photo shoot with our suddenly very busy wedding photographer (I later found out Vick had already told him about Paris!). I had no idea he went out of his way and planned something this romantic for us because he wanted me to feel special and be genuinely surprised—and it feels good to marry someone full of surprises.

Special Thanks

Karina Leigh
 | Photographer