Ajia and Joe

How They Met

Ajia didn’t expect to find her future husband at a job she took during nursing school at TAMUCC in 2015, but that’s what happened. Even though she had worked with Joe for the previous six months, it was during a pool party that she had a chance to talk with him and discover how much they actually had in common.

A few months after the pool party, Joe asked Ajia out on a first official date… followed by many other dates which were at the beach or at a restaurant making for one great summer. Then one very early morning at Denny’s, Joe thought it would be a great idea if Ajia would be his girlfriend. Ajia agreed and the rest is history.

The two would date for the next four-and-a-half years before deciding to tie the knot.

Nearly three years later, on New Year’s Eve, when Joe and Ajia spent the holiday with their respective families in different cities, Joe realized how much Ajia meant to him. It was at this precise moment he decided he would propose to Ajia and even confided in his mom.

He drove back to San Antonio and immediately purchased an engagement ring.

How They Asked

However, it wasn’t until May 2019 when the two enjoyed a cruise with Ajia’s family that Joe actually planned to carry out the proposal. He wanted this moment to be extra special and he thought the cruise would be the perfect moment. Ajia’s whole family was on the cruise, aware of Joe’s intent, and kept the secret.

After seven long days, the last stop was in Cozumel and the proposal had not yet happened. The boat docked and Ajia, Joe and Ajia’s family walked around on the streets. While Ajia went to a nearby bar to grab a few adult beverages, Joe enlisted the help of some street performers and asked them to incorporate Ajia into their routine.

The performance was flawless. With a large crowd watching and cheering at the end, Joe started to help Ajia up, but instead kicked off his sandals, dropped to a knee and popped the question.

The crowd cheered more loudly and went crazy! People were recording what was happening… taking pictures, Instagramming® and Snapchatting® the whole proposal.

Ajia, Joe and her family capped off the proposal with more excitement by enjoying some 4×4’ing, speed boat riding, a fancy dinner and then clubbing on the cruise ship.

Ajia and Joe will wed later this year on September 26, 2020.

I LOVE that Ajia and Joe included Presley in their engagement session! Presley is an 11-year-old white Siberian Husky. About four years ago, Ajia and Joe’s roommate found her on craigslist. They met her and immediately fell in love with her. Presley is an old woman at heart but loves going on beach trips, hikes, and just relaxing at the house with Ajia and Joe.



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