Ajanae and Cordaryl

how we met

Working at the local Family Dollar store, CJ & I met and often times found ourselves working the same shift. A few weeks passed and before we knew it, I called a mutual friend to “sneak” his phone number. After a few texts and calls, he decided to take me on my first date for my birthday! Who knew that date would lead to a million more!

how they asked

The proposal is the part I don’t like to tell! He planned this beautiful surprise party for New Years Day with my family and everyone knew about it except for me. On Christmas, I remember crying thinking I wasn’t going to get the gift I was long anticipating, little did I know he had it all mapped out. So as I pouted about no Christmas present, he walked to his car and came back with a box. As I sat on the floor and cried, he asked me 26 times to be his wife! I eventually exclaimed yes!!

Special Thanks

Nancy Cole Photography
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Arkansas State Capitol Building
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