Aislinn and James


how they asked

I planned a weekend getaway to Chicago for James’ birthday during the Christmas season.  I had NO idea that he was scheming to surprise me while we were there!  He took me to the Buckingham Fountain.  There wasn’t anyone around, and we had a clear view of the city.  It was so beautiful! And FREEZING cold!!  I was anxious to start exploring that area, but as I was walking away he grabbed my hand and turned me around.  He said, “I have a question to ask you”, as he got down on one knee.  “Will you marry me?” I couldn’t even answer because I was weeping.  He said, “I need you to take your glove off so I can put this ring on your finger.”  He was so nervous, but still suave and calm.


We were both shaking from the cold and the excitement as he slid the ring on my finger. It was the most surreal, magical moment of my life.


Ten thousand yeses wouldn’t have been enough in that moment.  Now I get to spend the rest of my life saying yes to this man.  Yes to adventure.  Yes to the hurdles and the joys.  Yes to the good, the bad, and the unpredictable.


I will spend the rest of my days steadfastly and whole-heartedly saying yes to him. And maybe, at the end of our lives, all the yeses will add up to what I felt in that one moment when he asked me to be his wife.


Special Thanks

Joelle Arner