Aisling and Zeb

Image 1 of Aisling and Zeb

How We Met

We meet at a LFL game in Perth. We both had friends coaching the team so went along to support them. We’d never actually met each other before but being part of the American Football League in Perth had heard each other’s names before and shared mutual friends. After the game my sister and I didn’t want to walk back to our car alone so we offered two guys we knew a lift and Zeb was with them. While walking back to the car Zeb made fun of my sandals (glittery jelly sandals) and it quickly escalated into a competition over which one our remote control dinosaurs would win in a fight. Needless to say it was very close to love at first sight!

how they asked

Zeb completely surprised me with how he proposed. I’ve been a Sports Trainer for the Perth Blitz Gridiron Club for years and it’s a huge part of my life. Knowing how much it meant to be Zeb changed clubs to come play at the Blitz. Normally we’d meet at home and go to training together but this Thursday Zeb said he wouldn’t have time to come home first and we’d just meet at training. Towards the end of training one of the girls tore her quad so I became distracted helping her. When she was comfortable I realised how late it had gotten. Before I could ask a coach how much longer training would last everyone started telling my name and calling me onto the field. Normally if Zeb gets hurt no one says anything to me because they know he’ll talk to me about it at home. Hearing people call me and realising it was Zeb missing from the huddle of players, me heart was in my throat. I managed to push through the team (while telling them all off for not getting out of my way) and found Zeb.

Image 2 of Aisling and Zeb

He was there on one knee holding the box open with the biggest smile I’ve ever seen on his face! I was completely gobsmacked and couldn’t move or speak. I eventually got out a “yes” and we’ve been happily planning our wedding ever since!! The best part is one of my colleagues had asked me that morning if I thought Zeb would propose soon and I’d said no, I don’t think so, he definitely hasn’t had time to go ring shopping. Little did I know he’d sneakily gone shopping four days earlier and asked my dads permission that week too!

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