Aisling and Hayden

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How We Met

Hayden and I always knew of each other in High School. He played basketball and I cheered. I would always see him because of games, but we never really talked, just a simple hello in the hallways. On the last day of school we were signing yearbooks and he put his phone number in my yearbook, but I didn’t put my phone number in his yearbook. That summer I had the courage to text him waiting anxiously for his response. After that we text all summer and made plans to hang out, but they would never follow through.

I always bailed because I was shy. One week before school started back up he texted me and asked if my best friend Kadey and I wanted to hang out with him and his friend. Kadey and I suggested that we should go to a park and go ice blocking. I remember Hayden and his friend laughed at us while making little sarcastic jokes. We went and bought ice blocks and went and found a park with the steepest hill. It ended up being more fun than they thought and we laughed all night. After that night Hayden and I hung out almost every single day once school started and thats how it all started.

how they asked

Two days before Hayden asked me, his sister sent out a group text saying she wants to take a last day of summer picture and have a bonfire at the lake. Hayden told me to wear something cute for the pictures and the to bring sweats for after. I went and met up with his sister at the lake and when I pulled up I saw balloons down on the beach and I just kept looking down because I knew it was going to happen and I could not stop smiling. Hayden’s sister walked me down to the beach and the closer we got the more nervous and excitement I was feeling. I finally looked up and he had made and aisle with candles and pictures of us with rose petals going towards him.

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There was “Marry Me” balloons behind him as he is standing there with roses.

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I then started to cry and gave his sister and hug before walking down the aisle. He said the cutest things to me and then got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

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I obviously said yes! I remember my hand was shaking while he was putting the ring on my finger. I am the happiest girl in the world and he went way beyond to make September 4th perfect.

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