Aishat and Ibrahim

How We Met

It all started from an online match in March 2017. It’s a trans Atlantic relationship at the moment as he’s in America and I’m in the U.K. Initially I didn’t think much would come of the match because we’re so far apart but he caught my eye so we started chatting…

After hours and hours of calls and video calls, it became clear pretty quickly that we got on very well. After the initial facade of acting nonchalant and cautious, I started to realise Ibrahim was someone I’d love to have in my life long term. He’s so smart, respectful, funny, supportive and so so much more.

I was so excited when he told me he was booking a trip to come and see me in England. Of course I had to make sure all my friends and family were around to meet him because he’s so far away.

I remember the first time we met at the airport. I wasn’t that nervous until I’d been waiting for over 2 hours for him to come through arrivals. I was so anxious by the time he came through, but when I saw him… all I felt was relief. And calm.

I was ecstatic that he was here and I was actually holding him and not looking at or talking to him through a screen. There was no awkwardness at all from the start. It felt so natural and right. We were both just in disbelief a little that we’d made it here from an online match 5,000 miles apart.

All my friends and family loved him. I’m not surprised really- it’s hard not to. Ibrahim really made an effort too especially with little sleep and jet lag. After the time we spent together when he came over for the first time, we both knew that this was it. I think we both knew before that but being together in person just confirmed that!

how they asked

In August 2017- the second time we saw each other- we decided to go to Paris. We each had a day to plan some activities for us to do. Friday 4th August 2017 was my day. We had a lovely bike ride of Paris in the afternoon and then I’d arranged a dinner cruise on the River Seine in the evening. Throughout dinner, there was nothing out of the ordinary to suggest anything. The only slightly odd thing was that my fiancé went to the ‘bathroom’ more frequently than usual. Little did I know he was asking the on board Photographer (Unfortunately we didn’t get her name) to take pictures of him proposing and he also asked our waitress to video the proposal on his phone. After the meal, he suggested we go out onto the rear deck. Taking Videos and photos from a cruise on the Seine…how could I say no. Out we went onto the deck. As usual, I got my phone out and started videoing the scenery. As I turned around to get better views, there he was behind me on one knee, ring in hand. Apparently he’d been on his knee for a while waiting for me to turn around ?. To say I was shocked is an understatement. I can’t even remember the speech he made. All I remember is that I said yes (of course). As if that wasn’t amazing enough, the Photographer caught it all beautifully with the Eiffel Tower in the background for good measure. Good timing all around! We can’t wait to start our lives together (in the same country)!

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