Aisha and Gary

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How We Met

His Version: I was attending a bible study one Friday night with friends and teammates that may or may not have escalated into a house party. I remember stepping outside and running into a group of my teammates having a conversation so I chimed in. Out the corner of my eye I saw what I thought at the time was an angel out of heaven, because you know we were having Bible study earlier… but I asked my friend who is that? He said “Thats Aisha, she’s a really cool girl”. I would like to note that I had previously seen Aisha on campus and was secretly crushing on her big time, but she always had that look of let’s just call it DETERMINATION that said “Not today”. Back at the party I had my friend introduce me to Aisha and the only thing I could think of to say was “Wassup”. After minutes went by I finally asked for her number, but she didn’t give it to me directly. She told me to get it from my friend. I did what she asked uncertain if she would even text me back, but I decided to shoot my shot. I sent the text the next morning and we took it from there.

Her Version: It was spring of my junior year, and I was standing outside of a house party talking to my roommate. All of a sudden, a good friend of mine on the football team said he needed to talk to me. He pulled me over to the side and began to rave about his friend, Gary Mason. He went on to say how much of a good guy Gary is and how he was definitely “my type”. After all the highlights about his good friend, I agreed to meet him. He walked me over to Gary who seemed to be gazing the entire time. I looked ALL THE WAY up and our eyes met, followed by his million dollar smile. Our friend handled all of the introductions by saying “Aisha meet Gary, Gary meet Aisha, and y’all should talk”. I was totally shocked and embarassed at this point. His first words to me were, “Wassup?” Of course, I said “Nothing, your friend asked me to meet you” (kidding!) Our conversation continued and in such a short amount of time he made me smile and laugh. The party was about to end, and I was headed to meet the rest of my friends. As we parted ways, he asked for my number and I told him he would have to get it from our friend. He and I both laughed, but I told him I was serious. Kinda harsh, I know lol! Needless to say, the next day, he texted me good morning and the rest is history!

how they asked

My family was in town for the Dallas Cowboys Game. The next day we all were meeting Gary’s family at the movies in Forth Worth, TX. The day started off great! However, shortly after lunch, I had a hair malfunction and spent the remainder of the evening finding another stylist. Soon after, my dad sped to the movies insinuating our family was already there waiting for us. I had been texting Gary the entire day about how upset I was about my hair and how late our families would have to meet. He calmed me down and let me know that we would go to the late feature.

When we arrived, Gary met us in the parking lot. My parents and Momo (grandmother) walked quickly in the direction of the theatre. By this time I was fustrated because I knew they did not know where the theatre was, and I needed to wait for Gary to end a phone call. (By the way, he faked an emergency call to his brother lol). This made things even worse because I wanted to leave and check on his brother. He insisted we go to the movie and check on his brother tomorrow. As we began to walk, we passed up the theatre (by this time I was done with surprises lol). I told Gary we are passing the theatre and he didn’t say anything. We continued to walk one more block toward Sundance Square, and I spotted a familiar face (my line sister from Louisiana). She made eye contact with me and turned around without speaking! As I began to tell him who I saw, he pulled me closer to him and said, “This is it.” I nearly lost it! My family surrounded us as he poured his heart out to me for the very first time. With tears in his eyes and mine, he asked me to marry him and I said “YES”! It was the most romantic proposal, and everything I imagined. He truly is my Superman!

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