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How We Met

February 2007 is where it all began. I had just started working for ComEd and after a few months, I saw this Dark Chocolate man with this smile that lit up a whole room (that’s just how white his teeth were!). He was wearing this Red Polo Shirt and Jeans and he was talking to someone a few yards away. I stood up trying to be seen (although in an area that was pretty hidden); I just wanted to catch his attention. It didn’t work! LOL. So overtime I would see him in passing. Eventually, we sat on the same floor. His desk was right off the main corridor and I had to pass him by every time I wanted to go to the restroom or to lunch….anywhere. So I started speaking in the mornings and we eventually became familiar with each other. When I would walk past, he would always call me over to his desk. I remember the first time I saw a photo of a little girl on his desk and I asked was she his daughter?

He said she was his niece and I thought that was the sweetest thing! I knew, however, the only reason he would want me to come to his desk was to get a better look at me in my pants. After we started dating, he admitted that my grey pinstripe slacks were his favorite. :) Anyway, fast forward to October 2007. I got my braces off and I was so excited that I sent out a mass text to all my family and friends. Lo and behold Courtney was one of the people who replied. His response was that we should go out and celebrate. He had been checking for your girl the whole time! ;-) Our first date was at Olive Garden followed by Oberweiss. He worked nights so he came straight from work after getting changed and so he was pretty tired but we talked and talked for hours. It was great! And here we are 10 years later! It hasn’t been a perfect story, but it’s our story and we look forward to making it as close to perfect as possible for the rest of our days.

how they asked

May 14, 2017, Mother’s Day- All week leading up to Mother’s Day was so secretive about these plans he had for me. I knew nothing but I had an idea it was some kind of brunch and that it would be at the house. He was up early doing cleaning and organizing which is soooo unlike him. I had received an invitation in the mail a few days prior and I was instructed to find something nice to wear and to pack it up because I was going to Kandice house to get dressed. “Don’t worry about the kids, I got them covered” was his reply before I could even get it out my mouth. Sunday morning I was dropped off to my sisters where I got dressed, unbeknownst to me this was the meeting spot. My sisters, mother, and friends all showed up and there was cheese and wine as a pregame to the night’s festivities. I’m like ok they trying to outdo us this year since a year earlier we did something super special for them.

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Then a party bus showed up… okay okay!!! We had a blast on the party bus drinking champagne and laughing it up all the while I’m trying to figure out what the heck is going on. As we pull up to my house I blurt out ‘THATS JEN’S CAR!!!’ Jen is the private chef I hired just a month earlier for Courtney’s private birthday dinner. The excitement heightened. We were escorted out the party bus after a few photographs from the photographer.

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We walked a gold carpet as we entered the house greeted by a suited wait staff (all the husbands to my friends) and we were escorted to a beautifully decorated table set for dinner. The menu consisted of an optional lamb or scallop entree and boy was everything delicious. There was even signature cocktails that we had to choose from. Everyone was so impressed and pleased with the decor, food, and effort that was put into the night.

Once dinner was over we were escorted down to the “lounge” area where a bar was set up and a backdrop for photos. We mingled and drank and just marveled at how great everything was set up. Gifts were passed around to all the mothers and it was such a thoughtful bag of goodies. As my baby took center stage to say his speech of thank you he surprised me by saying all of this was for me, apparently everyone had some knowledge of what was going on but me.

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I was thinking that’s so nice of him but there are a few mothers here so….. until he pulled out a box from his pocket and got down on one knee. I couldn’t even finish recording his speech because I was soooo surprised and happy. I was holding back the tears as I heard this loud commotion behind me I turned around to find even more of my favorite people that had snuck in from the garage during the proposal there and just as excited as I was. It was the sweetest and well executed day ever. I smile even to this day just thinking about it and all the effort that went into the day.

And of course, I said YES!!!!