Aisha and Afzal

How We Met

Aisha and Afzal met at summer camp when they were 16 in 2008. They don’t remember really speaking at camp but ended up connecting on a camp video call, became close friends and fell in love. After deciding to go separate ways for college, the two lost touch. In 2016, after Aisha moved to New York, they ended up connecting again as a friend of Aisha’s was interviewing at the company Afzal was working at at the time. She reached out to ask if he could put in a good word, and the rest is history.

How They Asked

Afzal proposed one week before their four year anniversary, knowing Aisha was already suspicious. Aisha’s friend was in on it, and told her they were going to a house in Malibu to celebrate her birthday. When Aisha walked in, she immediately dropped her purse (and mask) when she heard Nat King Cole’s classic song “L-O-V-E” with an aisle of white roses and a sign that read, “Will you be my KYNAH Bride?” Aisha’s family came to surprise her, they drank some champagne, and enjoyed some bites from Nobu. Afzal asked Betsy Newman, a dear friend from high school and incredible photographer to shoot the event, and he even curated a playlist of songs from concerts the two had enjoyed together over the years.



Special Thanks

Betsy Newman Photography
 | Photography