Kellie and Tommy's Airplane Banner Proposal

Image 1 of Kellie and Tommy's Airplane Banner ProposalHow we met: I was taking flying lesson from a friend in Indiana and posted a photo on facebook of my discovery flight and tagged my instructor. Turns out, my instructor was friends with this guy who saw the photo and asked who I was and if I was single.

This guy was a pilot who used to fly with my instructor for an airline years ago and have been friends since.

They set it up and I met him on a double date that weekend. He was living in St Louis at the time and dropped all of his plans to come meet me.

That weekend, we went flying and I’m pretty sure we both were head over heels by the time he left.

The next year was one adventure after another. I knew this guy was different when he flew to Argentina to see me after only knowing one another for a little over a month.

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We grew closer and closer and traveled all around the country and made some stops in Central America for impromptu three day trips!

how they asked: He asked me to come to the fly in at the airport on Long Island where he learned to fly. I made my way out there and picked him up from the airport on the morning of the fly in. We went to pick up his father who had been in a nursing home for three years following an accident and headed to the airport.

As soon as we got in, his friend insisted we take his airplane for a ride before more people got there.

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Obviously, the airplane had no doors on it. That will be important in a bit.

We were flying along and heading for the shoreline. It was a beautiful morning but there was a lot of traffic in the air (ie other planes, sky divers). Tommy is normally pretty careful but I noticed he wasn’t even really talking on the radio while we were flying around despite all the traffic.

I noticed an airplane coming towards us that was towing something and pointed it out to him. He said “Let’s go see what it says!” So we flew closer and dove in the come up right next to the banner. As soon as I saw it, I burst into tears.

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He reached into his pocket and pulled out a green ring pop to give to me (green because he wanted me to select the perfect emerald ring). Then, he went back in his pocket for the 747 engine part his friend had given him (so I’d have something to wear until we found the right ring) only to discover he had dropped it out of the airplane! I didn’t care. It wasn’t about the ring anyway.

After a few more minutes of flying and diving at the banner, we landed at the small airport where a huge crowd had gathered-including my parents who came from Indiana to surprise me!

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I spent the afternoon enjoying the company of his friends and family and he gave plane rides to everyone. The best one was with his father who passed away a few weeks later.

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I honestly never thought I’d be on the receiving end of something so sweet and thoughtful. He’s the most amazing human being I have ever met and I am thrilled he picked me to be his partner in this life!